Perryville discusses smoking ban, fails on first vote

Published 12:14 am Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Perryville City Council discussed a city-wide smoking ban on Thursday, putting the idea to a vote that failed 3-2.

“Personally, I think it should be up to the business owner,” said council member Brian Caldwell, voting no on the idea.

He was joined by council members Jerry Houck and Julie Clay, while Paul Webb and Steve Bailey voted yes. Council member JoAnne Reynolds was absent.

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Bailey brought the idea to his fellow council after a local business owner approached him requesting the ban. Webb agreed with him, putting up the motion of a ban. Bailey seconded the idea before they put it to a vote.

The two biggest businesses that would be impacted would be the city’s two convenience centers, both of which currently allow smoking.

Houck said he saw the merits of a ban, but wasn’t sure the city had enough businesses to warrant it.

“It’s a challenge … I don’t like going in (the gas stations) for that reason,” said Houck. 

But Houck said he felt if a ban is really going to be discussed — and that it should — there would need to be more research done, including talking to Boyle County Health Department. 

Clay agreed with Caldwell that allowing smoking should be determined by the business owners.

The city also: 

• Heard from McClure, McClure and Bailey, a law firm from Danville interested in taking on the role of city attorney. Lynne Dean submitted her resignation, stating she would help find a replacement.

• Discussed building a website. Houck contacted the Kentucky League of Cities regarding potential sites. The council decided to continue the discussion, after giving the department heads a chance to come up with a list of what they would want on the site.

• Heard from Police Chief Parker Hatter regarding car break ins in February. The alleged perpetrator has been arrested, Hatter said. The problem with capturing the individual was that people did not report when their cars were entered because “nothing was taken” or only small items were missing.

“As more people began coming forward, we saw a pattern,” Hatter said. But it was two or three weeks after before people would report the incidents.

He encouraged the council to give his cell number out and tell people to call him immediately if they discover something like that has been committed. Hatter can be reached at (859) 583-5111.

• Heard from Hatter regarding a local minister interested in being the department’s chaplain, to help in situations such as death notifications and providing support to families in emergencies involving law enforcement.

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