Provide EDP consultants the full story

Published 7:11 am Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dear Editor,

It seems we love to spend money on studies and outside experts. Indeed, the direction our community will take economically in the next few years will largely be determined by outside consultants’ perceptions, at a cost of $75,000. This can be a good thing provided all facts are provided for a conclusion.

Experience teaches one definition of an expert is “a little spurt who lives far away.” This scenario recently played out in a prominent Central Kentucky community who, like Danville, has a city manager form of government.

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After paying experts $25,000 to search for candidates, consultants came up with three final prospects. However, a simple search by citizens discovered one prospect had both a damaging traffic violation and sexual impropriety at his former office. The experts were exposed as “little spurts who lived far away.” 

Pictures consultants paint are largely determined by the view we provide. If we provide a prism it will not present a clear view albeit will show pretty colors. However, if we provide a magnified glass consultants will see more clearly and be ahead of the game.

Are our hired experts aware, as documented;

A private industry (Industrial Foundation) is our point of contact for the state regarding economic matters?

They control the makeup of our EDP board?

Our EDP has been politicized? An EDP and Industrial Foundation Chairman disinvited a former mayor to a meeting with the governor because he met with a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Coincidence? The EDP/Foundation President served as Constituent Director to Democratic Governor Paul Patton. (Ref. Tina Conner vs. Paul Patton)

Are such examples more about community or control?

If declared we are better in our current situation we must ask, but by whose standards? It’s “prudence” and “virtue” that enables human beings to make good choices in changing circumstances for the sake of living well. Has the EDP/Industrial Foundation leadership lived up to those standards? If not, it’s the responsibility of elected officials to change the course. KRS statute gives the city the authority to remove the Industrial Foundation as contact to the state.

Randy Gip Graham