Hitting the mark: New firearms store offers concealed classes, classes for women-only

Published 10:46 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There’s a new target in Danville when setting the sights for gun buyers — OnTarget Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories, on Westridge Drive in Danville.

“We offer a wide variety of things. We do gun sales, take in used guns, we will sell on consignment, which means we sell their gun for them at their price,” said Dustin Price, senior sales manager of OnTarget.

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons classes are taught in a classroom setting at OnTarget in Danville.

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Price, along with James Monroe, retired captain of the Danville Police Department, teaches the Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons classes for $65.

To answer a growing demand in the industry, Price said they also offer women-only concealed carry classes. It seems that about 95 percent of women prefer to take classes with only women. 

“If you look at the FBI statistics, (women) are the fastest growing market right now. There’s more women buying guns than ever before,” he said. 

The women-only classes are offered once a month and “fill up,” Price said.

Working in OnTarget has been a learning experience for Monica Monroe, wife of James, but she said it’s been fun. 

“I never really had to learn a lot about guns, because of my husband being a police officer; he was always packing,” she said. “I have since gotten my concealed carry and I do pack.”

She speculated the store sees about 30 percent female customers to 70 percent male. 

“I think some customers are taken aback when they walk in and see me behind the counter,” she said. “They don’t expect to see a woman back here, answering questions. I can’t answer all of their questions, but I can answer most of them.”

There are plans for further expansion, Price said, hopefully by the fall. They are keeping those under wraps for now, he said, but said it will bring in more jobs.

This spring, they are planning to have youth firearms safety events. Currently, they do offer youth firearms safety education classes. They will also begin offering basic and advanced pistol training.

Price said concealed carry deadly weapons classes teach basics for using the weapon. At the end of the class, participants have to be able to hit 11 of 20 targets at 21 feet away.

“A basic pistol class will teach you how to draw from your holster, how to draw from your purse. If someone is coming up on you, what verbal command should you use before drawing your weapon. What are the do’s and don’ts of drawing your weapon. It’s in more detail,” Price said. “The biggest thing with concealed carry is safety.”

Since opening in October, the store has had a steady amount of business. “We’ll have 30-45 people a day in here,” Price said.

Kendra Peek/kendra.peek@amnews.com
Monica Monroe and Dustin Price work at OnTarget in Danville. Price, sales manager, is a firearms specialist and teaches Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons classes, along with Monroe’s husband, former Danville Police Captain James Monroe.

“I was a little surprised at the volume, at the amount of people that are actually purchasing guns,” said Monica Monroe.

Purchasing a gun, Price said, doesn’t take three days, as many believe. The buyer has to undergo a background check, which takes “about 60 seconds.” The main restrictions are that those with felonies, misdemeanors or domestic violence-related crimes may not purchase a gun. 

Those who qualify to purchase can also qualify for the store’s monthly gun giveaway through the store’s Facebook page, Price said, and he’s been amazed at the reactions — it reached more than 48,000 people last time.

“I didn’t expect (the giveaways) to reach 50,000. Maybe 10,000,” Price said. 

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To learn more about OnTarget Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories, find them on Facebook. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 p.m.- 7 p.m. on Sunday.

You can reach them via phone, at (859) 238-7360.