River Watershed is seeking volunteers

Published 8:41 am Monday, March 13, 2017


News release

How clean is your stream? Is it clean enough for fishing, wading, swimming and boating? Kentucky River Watershed Watch is asking for volunteers to help to answer these questions.

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Volunteer stream samplers will learn how to conduct water quality surveys on the waterways of the region, through both on-site water chemistry testing and the collection of samples for laboratory analysis.

“We want to find volunteers who live close to a stream, or who have some background in science, or who just want to help protect their chosen waterway,” said Ken Cooke, Kentucky River Watershed Watch chair. 

The data collected by the volunteers will guide plans to enhance the streams for uses such as fishing, swimming, wildlife habitat and drinking water supply. Participants will also be asked to provide direct input to resource management agencies at a community watershed conference to be held in the fall of 2017.

Volunteers for the project will be asked to attend a free training workshop in the area in April or May. A workshop will be held in Danville the morning of Saturday, April 8 and in Richmond the morning of Saturday, April 29.

Volunteers will start their survey work in May, then continue with sample collections in July and September, resulting in findings for pathogens, nutrients, heavy metals and chemical conditions.

Those interested in participating in the project can call (502) 782-7032 to sign up or register online at krww.org.

The following individuals can be contacted in your local community for more information about participating in Watershed Watch.

• Boyle: Rose-Marie Roessler, (859) 238-5311

• Garrard: Melissa McAlister, (859) 324-0845

• Lincoln: Jane Vanhook, (859) 326-1870

• Mercer: Pamela Wood, (859) 351-3142