New brewery and new distillery open in Harrodsburg

Published 9:02 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Contributing writer

HARRODSBURG — A new craft brewery and a new distillery have opened their doors in Harrodsburg. Lemons Mill Brewery earns the distinction of being the first tavern or taproom in the area since before the 1920s. Olde Towne Distillery is the first distillery in the United States to produce Hemp Moonshine. 

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“We are thrilled to offer visitors new, fun reasons to come to Harrodsburg,” said Karen Hackett, executive director of the Harrodsburg/Mercer County Tourist Commission. “Olde Towne Distillery and Lemons Mill Brewery add diversity and uniqueness to Harrodsburg’s historical and hands-on attractions for residents and visitors alike.”

Craft brews and all that jazz

Harrodsburg has not had a tavern or taproom since before Prohibition, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Jazz Age. Located at 166 Marimon Avenue in downtown Harrodsburg, the former “backyard brewery” offers 18 beers on tap under Lemons Mill Brewery’s OCD Squared brand, including G-Spot Jalapeno Ale, OG Citrus Blonde Ale, Kranbier Cranberry Ale and Bullocks. Additionally, the brewery offers its own gluten-free beer and will have a selection of local favorite beers and a variety of wines.

The taproom features a 19-foot red cedar bar that seats 12 to 15 people, leather couches and chairs, multiple TV screens for game playing and one very relaxing atmosphere. The décor mixes weathered barn lumber with metal elements. A fenced-in patio with wrought iron tables and chairs and umbrellas is available during warm-weather months. A unique feature of the brewery is that customers seated at the bar can watch the beer being made.

“When the weather is warm we’ll have the garage door that separates the taproom from the brewery open so people can see the mash tubs, cookers and other equipment,” said LeMayne Ellis, brewer and co-owner of Lemons Mill Brewery.

Already, Lemons Mill Brewery’s beer has won awards, having taken home a silver medal in the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016. Recently, the brewery joined the Brewgrass Trail, which showcases the area’s craft breweries, and will have Brewgrass Trail Passports available for thirsty trailblazers.

Inspired by the Appalachians and the American Civil War

Located at 551 Tapp Road near downtown Harrodsburg and showcasing premium flavored moonshines, blended whiskeys and premium liquors, Olde Towne Distillery is making its mark with Hemp Moonshine. This is a distillation method wherein moonshine is processed with hemp seed grain to create a nutty flavor profile – one that has never before been experienced in the world of moonshine.

“This is a new and exciting time for moonshine lovers everywhere,” said Mike Richards, operations manager.

The distillery produces flavored moonshines at 80-proof, including maple, watermelon, peach and apple pie, creating a flavorful taste combined with the “kick” expected by dedicated moonshine drinkers. It is presented in the time-honored tradition of illegal moonshine, in a collectible stone jug. As have generations of moonshine makers before them, the distillers work with a decades-old recipe combined with slow cooking on a copper pot still to bring moonshine lovers back to the days of illegal shine bought from a bootlegger.

Olde Towne’s Elkhorn Bourbon combines high potency and lavish taste to evoke the signature taste and unique art and culture of whiskey made in the Appalachian Mountains. It is available in traditional and honey flavors. Its Battlefield Collection comprises a smooth spirit whiskey that commemorates the Battle of Perryville, which took place during the Civil War. It is a 90-proof blended whiskey – 90 percent whiskey, 10 percent bourbon – with a smooth flavor that is perfect for sipping.

In addition to these new beer and spirits venues, Harrodsburg is home to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Old Fort Harrod State Park and the Beaumont Inn, which offers its popular Personalized Bourbon Tastings with the Innkeeper program. Visit for more information about these attractions and lodging options.