Boyle last day changes to May 19

Published 8:32 am Monday, March 27, 2017

Students in the Boyle County Schools will get out of school one day later than originally scheduled, thanks to an approved change in the calendar during Thursday’s meeting.

The last day for students is now May 19, and for staff is May 22.

The day is to make up for the district’s one snow day, said Superintendent Mike LaFavers. Two other days in January were used as non-traditional days, which means that the students do school work at home. The district has averaged about six snow days a year, for the past 20 years, and has averaged three non-traditional days for the past three years.

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Via phone on Thursday, LaFavers said they had been waiting to approve the change because of sickness in the district. 

“We’ve had some sickness. But we never went below 90 percent,” LaFavers said. “We feel good about that now, attendance is back up.”

LaFavers told the board that the rest of the calendar would be unchanged.

“We are crossing our fingers that April and May are good to us,” he said. 

The change was adopted unanimously.

The board also approved a plan to rent two additional spaces, three suites total, for the district’s central office from Kimike Properties.

Currently, the Boyle County Board of Education holds a lease with Kimike Properties for one suite at 101 Citation Drive, for $750 a month, called the “annex.” The main portion of the board office is in a space in the back of the Boyle County Middle School.

The lease will be for suites B, C and E at 101 Citation Drive, for $3,000 a month from March 31, to June 30, 2021.

“It will allow us to function better,” said LaFavers.

Some work will have to be done in the space at Citation Drive to make it better meet the central office needs, he said. 

“The big things will be figuring out the phones and the internet,” LaFavers said. 

By moving all of the central office into that location, the district’s alternative school program will be able move into the back of the Boyle County Middle School. The program averages about 10 students, he said, and that the space would be a “fine” space for the program.

“It should be really good for their purposes,” LaFavers said.

The alternative school is currently renting space from Centenary United Methodist Church for $20,000 a year.

It had been a “really good collaboration,” said Chris Holderman during the meeting. “It’s worked out really nice there.”

Holderman said that the plan had always been to move the alternative school into the back of the middle school.

The board approved the contract unanimously.

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