Property transfers, April 15

Published 1:28 am Saturday, April 15, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

MTGLQ Investors LP to Stephen and Kelly Mahon, property on U.S. 150, Perryville, $110,100.

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Steve and Erin Durham to Spencer F. and Erika L. Hahn, property on Twinbrook Drive, $159,000.

Jeffery J. and Christy H. Baird to Dennis W. and Marilyn S. Branam, tract in Wyndemere Place of Cottage Manor, $48,500.

Sheila Hunt to William H. Meany, 6.54 acres in Boyle County, $64,000.

Ralph and Henrietta Eldridge to Richard D. Overstreet III, property on Beech Street, $40,000.

Harold and Vera Jane Edwards to Adam and Kelly Gray, property on First Street, Perryville, $15,000.

Katie Rayborn to Jason and Brittany Fuller, property on Harding Street, $115,000.

Joseph R. and Melisa C. Neikirk to Randy K. and Stacy T. Caudill, property on Taylor Road, $80,000.

Connie Karrick, as executor of the Wilma June Eades estate, and Todd Boles, as executor of the Steve Boles estate, to Sarah M. Bowers, property in Junction City, $66,000.

Jennifer Goggin to Tasha Je-Nae Wright, property on Crosshill Road, $126,500.

James and Margo Dilworth to Five B Brothers LLC, property on U.S. 127, $595,000.

Main Street Perryville Inc. (formerly known as Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association) to Gray Rentals LLC, property on U.S. 68, $75,000.

Kenneth R. and Donna A Russell through Caleb L. Bottoms, to Donna A. Russell, property in Wildwood subdivision, gift; fair market value, $80,000.

Kenneth R. and Donna A. Russell through Caleb L. Bottoms, to Donna A. Russell, property on South Lucas Street, gift; fair market value, $79,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Victor DeLaney, property on Forrest Avenue, $40,000.

Norma Young Caldwell, through Stephanie S. Cloyd, to Stephen C. Allen, property on Mason Avenue, $97,000.

James W. and Anna G. Cocanougher to Jessica L. Owens, property on Hudson Road and Elwood Street in Park Hills subdivision, $70,000.

Ronnie and Norma Daugherty to Virgil and Brenda Dunaway, property in Brights Bend subdivision, $12,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Misty D. and Jason Bastin, Ryan C. Durham, Edward and Mary Durham, Kenny Durham, and Marsha and Mike Brown to Kenny Durham, 22.54 acres in Casey County, property division; fair cash value, $50,000.

Misty D. and Jason Bastin, Ryan C. Durham, Edward and Mary Durham, Kenny Durham, and Marsha and Mike Brown to Edward Durham, 22.6 acres in Casey County, division of property; fair cash value, $50,000.

Misty D. and Jason Bastin, Ryan C. Durham, Edward and Mary Durham, Kenny Durham, and Marsha and Mike Brown to Ryan C. Durham, 19.43 acres in Casey County, division of property; fair cash value, $50,000.

Misty D. and Jason Bastin, Ryan C. Durham, Edward and Mary Durham, Kenny Durham, and Marsha and Mike Brown to Marsha Brown, 19.43 acres in Casey County, division of property; fair cash value, $50,000.

Rita H. and Walker M. Noe II to Donna H. Coffey, property in Casey County, $37,500.

David T. and Paula Clements and Rosemary Clements Daniels to David T. Clements and  Rosemary Clements Daniels, property on Ky. 206, property transfer.

Casey County Bank to Greg and Carla Hogue, property on Bee Lee Spur Road, $8,000.

Todd and Tracie Hoskins to Brent A. and Courtney W. Brockman, property on Hustonville Street, $195,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Harold A. and Linda G. Cleary, property on Cleary Road, Dunnville, $65,217.

Jerry and Marie Greco, Keith Greco and Krystle Greco to Kyle and Jessica Long and Kevin Long, three parcels on Ky. 1859, $111,000.

Karen and Randy Roy to Robert L. and Sherry L. Norman, property on Red Bud Drive, $55,000.

Larry E. Perry to Teresa A. and Jerry L. Melton Jr., 1.4 acres in Casey County, $72,000.

Mary and Philip Wethington Jr., Mary Rose Brunner, and Donald P. and Linda Wethington to Abraham D. and Julia M. Miller, 19 acres on Ky.70, $20,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Dakota LLC to Ronald N. and Connie G. Durbin, two lots in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $20,400.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Christopher R. and Christina D. Burns, property on Price Court, $25,000.

James & Co. LLC to Bradley T. Rector and Emma Howard, property on Crab Orchard Road, $84,500.

Ira W. Prater Jr. and William J. Prater to Keith and Angela L. Gribbins, property on Hideaway Cove , $191,000.

KAJA Holdings 2 LLC to Rental Investments Inc., property on Johnson Avenue, $17,000 in Daughter’s Park.

Eric T. and Sue Satterly, Audie R. and Kim Satterly, Lora J. Satterly, Benjamin and Ehel Louise Satterly, Katrina and Jason Alexander, and Jeremiah and Sherri Satterly to Rocky Top U-Lock LLC, property on Ky. 152, Buena Vista, $17,000.

Brenda Shultz and heirs of Mary Elizabeth Satterly, through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Rocky Top U Lock LLC, property on Ky. 152, Buena Vista, property settlement; fair cash value, $12,500.

AE Enterprises LLC to Sam D. and Tammy B. Johnson, two tacts on Herrington Lake, $131,000.

Jasmine Young to Maria G. and Michael Whidden, property on Back Creek, $78,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Warren and Stacey Phillips, property on Roger Road, $67,900.

Steve and Melanie Moore to Justin and Sarah Benton, 23.46 acres on Freedom Road, $50,000.

Carol and Bonnie Jean Ball to Christopher Carol Ball, 6.92 acres in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $7,000.

V.A. Buddy and Glenda Maupin and Mike and Lyda Maupin to Eddie and Paula Cantrell,  property near Perry Rogers Road, gift; value, $27,000.

Joseph C. and Marilyn Koepfer to Jason and Mackenzie Van Doren, 12 lots in Rocky Creek subdivision, $100,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

William and Sarah Lamb to Stacy Newby, two tracts on Orchard Avenue in Lawrence subdivision in Crab Orchard, $20,000. 

James D. and Riki D. Turner to Troy and Sydney Godby, property on Brock Road in Broughtontown, $1,500. 

Lonnie Wilson to Kamil Kaminski, property on Miracle-Gerkey Road, $13,000. 

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Clinton E. Owens, lot No. 46, Phase 1, Disney Place subdivision, on Goshen Cutoff Road, $52,500. 

Rowe Homes Inc. to Joseph D. and Kelly R. Swanner, lot No. 19, Cash Creek Estates, Phase 1, $218,000.

Jamica and Walter Allen Trent, Jr., to Royce B. and Linda S. Hawkins, lot No. 18, Section 2, Meadowbrook subdivision, $18,000. 

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Samuel Mast, two parcels on Ky. 78 in Chicken Bristle, near Turnersville, $28,500; fair cash, $66,000. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Louis C. and Robin Ison to Tallgrass LLC, two tracts on South Chiles Street, $140,000.

Drenda M. Robinson to Kenneth and Darlene Robinson, property on Votaw Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $47,370.

McDowell and Deborah L. Platt to Nicholas Vozos, 3.21 acres in Mercer County, $48,000.

Arthur and Jeanette Duncan to Joseph P. and Jane H. Davis, two parcels on Mackville Road, $209,000.

John C. and Brenda Blacketer to Taylor M. West, property on New Dixville Road, $132,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Charles L. and Teresa L. Martin, property on Cedar Lane, $45,000.

Connie C. Rodgers to Stanley D. and Amanda K. Loudermilk, two tracts on Oakland Lane, $113,000.

Shirley C. and Victor Slatten to Dale and Tina Davis, property in Mercer County, $63,000.

Thomas L. and Martha T. Gentry to Leonard C. and Cathy E. Habermehl, property on Spring Lake Drive, $275,000.

Marshall and Kendra Griggs to Jerry W. and Crystal L. Stratton, property on Kirkwood Road, $170,000.

Fred Hood, as executor of the Pauline Hood estate, to Brittany L. Raisor and Christina Barnes, property in Bell Acres subdivision, $175,000.

Marshall R. and Linda M. Thompson to Charles T. and Judy M. McQuilliam, 1.013 acres on Old Bardstown Road, $65,000.

Lee Woods to James and Donna Wilt, property on Parsons Lane, $64,000.

Hazelwood Excavating & Grave Service LLC to Margaret I. Chilton, property on Frank’s Court, $35,000.

G.W. Neal Properties LLC to Carolyn G. Cole, property on Short Street, $85,000.

Dana and Garnie Yeager to John R. and Crystal Hayes, property on Crozer Avenue, $114,500.

Gary and Susan Bullock and Demaris Atkinson to Community Trust Bank Inc., property on Pope Avenue, deed in lieu of foreclosure; payoff of $130,046.