Get moving and exercise!

Published 8:27 am Monday, April 17, 2017

McDowell Wellness Center’s spring eight-week Get Moving Community Challenge held a kick off event Saturday at Millennium Park in order to encourage the community to be more physically active.

Ann Mosley, front, led a Zumba class at Millennium Park as part of the Get Moving Challenge kick off event on Saturday.

According to McDowell Health, those interested in joining the Get Moving Challenge, which runs from the week of April 15 through the week of June 3, can participate as an individual or as a team of four or more members. Participants will be required to submit their exercise minutes each week. All participants who submit their minutes will be eligible to win prizes in weekly random drawings and upon completion of the event. Those who submit minutes for at least seven weeks will receive a free Get Moving T-shirt. Participants will receive a weekly email newsletter that will provide useful tips, health information, recipes and more. The same information will also be available in hard copy versions at the McDowell Wellness Center.

Donna Kissick cudles a puppy brought by the humane society. Dee Minor, with McDowell Health, said everyone loves the puppies and, “Adopt a dog. It makes you exercise.”

Walking in support of Danville High School in the 10,000-Step Challenge were Danville girls basketball coach, Judy Mason, and DHS player, Zenoviah Walker.

At the Get Moving Challenge, Boyel County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, Alethea Price, left, hands Kaitlyn Griffith and her mother Anne Griffith, of Perryville a healthy cereal snack.

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