Sniffing it out: K9s visit Boyle schools

Published 2:25 pm Sunday, April 23, 2017

Six drug dogs and their handlers conducted a check of the Boyle County’s high and middle schools and the alternative school on Thursday. 

“We hope to not find anything, but it’s a good deterrent,” said Boyle County Sheriff Derek Robbins.

School Resource Officer Ricky Sellers agreed, and said it’s good for law enforcement to be in school. 

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The goal, Sellers said, is prevention and education.

Boyle County K9 Deputies Keith Addison and Casey McCoy, along with their dogs Aja and NiKi, were in on the search. Robbins was partnered with K9 Djanco during the search.

They were joined by Lincoln County Regional Jail Chief Deputy Robin Jones and K9 Django, Mercer County Captain Scott Elder and K9 Damon, and Mercer County K9 Deputy Sean Brown and K9 Charlie.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Holderman said no illegal drugs were found, however, there were things like ibuprofen, which have to be checked in at the front office and are against school policy.

He said the purpose for the checks, in the eyes of the district, is to make sure that the parents and kids “know we care about them.” 

“This is one way to do that, this is for the safety of kids,” Holderman said. “We’re happy when we don’t find anything.”