Annual Tasting Party benefiting Harrodsburg Historical Society Monday 

Published 9:46 am Friday, April 28, 2017

Uniqueness preserved 

HARRODSBURG — Anyone curious why the annual Tasting Party is a success year after year in Harrodsburg can remedy this easy, says Marian Bauer: Come fill a plate and pull up a chair. 

For the 27th year in a row, the Harrodsburg Historical Society pulls volunteers in to cook up homemade dishes for a special lunch, with all of the money going toward the society’s preservation of historical Morgan Row. And the best part, Bauer adds: It’s still only $5 to fill up your plate. 

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“Our price is still the same, after all of these years …” Bauer says. “Although I think the first year we started, it was a spoonful for a quarter, because it was just a tasting.” 

But now, it’s a complete meal — and on a Monday, when most of the other eateries in downtown Harrodsburg are taking the day off. 

“We held it on Monday for the first time last year, and it worked out wonderfully,” she says. 

This year, the offering begins at 10 a.m. and is being termed a “brunch and lunch.” Many items on the serving table will be breakfast-type, like meat casseroles and egg dishes. But not to worry, says Bauer — there will still be chicken salads, meat dishes and homemade rolls. 

“We had a wonderful barbecue beef last year, I think we may have that again … We’ll have potato salad, an Amish breakfast casserole … chicken … deserts ….” 

Also, she says Helen Dedman, a longtime member of the society, is contributing the Beaumont Inn’s chess bars; Jennifer Kazimer of the Kentucky Fudge Co. will make potato salad; and Jeff Claycomb, owner if Lee’s Famous Recipe, is donating chicken plus lots of other homemade items. 

After filling your plate for $5, you can go back for deserts, which are extra. Servers for the event have traditionally been homeschooled students in the area, but Bauer says many of them have finals that day, so that’s yet to be determined. 

No reservations will be taken, but carryout is available. “Oh, yes — people can come by if they’re too busy to eat in, fill their plate, pay and leave.” 

Aside from area volunteers who make this event possible, Bauer says some area businesses have also donated food for the fundraiser. 

“Morgan Row is one of the oldest areas in Kentucky, and it’s important to us to keep it standing and in good order,” Bauer says, and the society does that with proceeds from the luncheon as well as the homes tour — its two biggest money-makers of the year. 

“Let me tell you — for one thing, when you live in the oldest settlement in Kentucky, and you’ve got very early buildings, it’s to people’s benefit to preserve them,” Bauer says. Where tourist dollars are concerned, Bauer makes a very good point: “People don’t go out of their way to go and visit places that look like every other place. What have that’s unique is what you want to preserve.” 


The 27th annual Tasting Party benefiting the Harrodsburg Historical Society will be 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday, May 1, at 220 S. Chiles St. in Harrodsburg, at the society’s headquarters, known as Morgan Row. The brunch and lunch is $5 to fill a plate, extra for drinks and deserts. Carryout available, no reservations or phone-in orders accepted. For more information, call Marian Bauer, (859) 749-2485.