The HUMAN Library Project Comes to Danville

Published 3:16 pm Sunday, April 30, 2017


News release

This weekend the Centre College Library and the Boyle County Public Library will host “The HUMAN Library” project. This unique event will feature “Living Books,” where patrons can hear real stories of real people, gaining a glimpse into their life experiences. The “Books” will be available at Centre College Library 1-5 p.m. today (Saturday, April 29) and Sunday, April 30 at the Boyle County Public Library.

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The project is a collaborative effort between the two libraries. James Stevenson, Centre College ’18, is one of the project organizers. 

“This past January Leah Kelly (Centre College ’19) and I got the opportunity to take a class with Dr. Eva Cadavid concerning the philosophy of race and ethnicity. Through open discussion and thought-provoking debate, the class endeavored to uncover unfounded misconceptions and deep-seated prejudices that perpetuate the marginalization of others,” Stevenson said.

“In the same stream, this project aims at giving the unsung stories of humanity the chance to be a chorus, by giving live “Books” the opportunity to give voice and shed light on pervasive injustices in our immediate community. In watching Books breath, blink, and cry as they divulge their tales of their own personal lives, readers should come away with a collection of real-world references to more readily connect with and understand those around them,” Stevenson said.

Georgia de Araujo, director of the Boyle County Public Library, shared her some of her thoughts about the project. 

“It’s been a great experience to work with James and Leah and with Carrie Frey from the Centre College library. The idea of ‘checking out’ a Human Book to learn about their lives or what they are passionate about has really caught people’s interest. In a very busy world it is a good thing to have more opportunities for face-to-face conversations.”

Over the course of the two-day event, 27 speakers will become Living Books. The Books will be available to “Readers” at various time-slots throughout each afternoon.

The following books will be available at the event: