Delay in 911 agreement due to ‘continued lack of county leadership’

Published 5:15 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the May 3 front page article, “Boyle on board to shift 911 responsibility to Danville.” It is surprising to me that Mary Conley seems to be blaming the hold up of the interlocal 911 funding agreement on “turnover in Danville’s leadership” in 2011. 

I Would point out that the ration of funding obligation by the different taxing agencies within Boyle County had been relatively unchanged in the draft agreement from the start in 2009. The county disengaged from the meetings due to their continued objection to a ration that did not include a proportioned share by the county fire department, the City of Perryville and Junction City. The latter two literally do not have the ability to fund any meaningful portion of the 911 center. The county also objected to sharing in a perceived higher cost of health care for the 911 call center city employees. The 911 meeting minutes will how the real reasons for the county’s intransigence.

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I would also comment on the capital expenditures made by the county from the 911 funds they retained. Their spending decisions were made without regard to the city’s budget passed in legislation by the city commission. So, you have office furniture that shows up at taxpayer expense that does not fit within the city’s determined needs for operation of the 911 service. Not good.

The only thing new in this discussion is the county’s apparent willingness now to turnover the funds which by statue are to be spent on the 911 call center. The city has stood up and done the right thing for all users of the service regardless of where they live or work. The real problem here was not and is not about a turnover in city leadership, but rather a continued lack of county leadership.

Bernie Hunstad