Perryville council declares May 3-9 ‘Student Testing Week’

Published 12:12 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Last week’s Perryville City Council meeting included a visit from a student and a faculty member at Perryville Elementary School, expressing gratitude to the council for their continued support.

Maureen Elwyn, literacy coach at the Perryville Elementary School, along with fifth-grade student council member Gracey Cromer, were present. 

“We have just come to say thank you for all you do to support our students,” Elwyn said. “Our students have so much pride in our school and our community, and we thank you for that.”

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“You truly support us in more ways than I could say.”

She said the students started K-PREP testing on May 3, and the school had placed a banner that said, “Good Luck on K-PREP. Your parents, your teachers, your community supports you.”

“We just came tonight, Gracey and I, to say, ‘Thank you for your support’ and ‘We are Perryville,’” Elwyn said. “We are Perryville” is a phrase the students and staff say to open the school day.

Mayor Anne Sleet thanked them for attending and read a proclamation recognizing May 3-9 as Student Testing Week in Perryville.

The proclamation recognizes that education is vitally important to the city, and an asset to its future and to students’ successes; that Perryville Elementary and Boyle County Schools are part of the students’ future development; and that Perryville Elementary has earned the ranking of distinguished on its state assessment for five years in a row, among other things.

The proclamation urges “all citizens to support students during their annual testing for their dedication to the goal of continued success” for the community.

Elwyn invited Sleet and the council members to come to the school to read the proclamation before all the students.

Brass Band Fest coming to Perryville

Also during the meeting, Leigh Jefferson and Niki Kinkade with the Great American Brass Band Festival addressed the council about the Croquet and Brass event that Perryville will be hosting 4-10 p.m. June 1.

The event will include food and music in Baril Park, croquet at the Karrick-Parks House and more, ending the night at the Perryville Jamboree. The event will also feature bourbon tastings, making it one of the first occasions an alcohol license has been issued in the city since it went wet last year.

“It’s really a celebration of Perryville to kick off the first of the four-day Brass Band Festival,” Jefferson said. “We’re thankful to have it here. It’s going to be really great.”

In other business:

• Community members Kevin Bottoms and Teresa Engle asked the council about an existing easement between their properties, which they called “dangerous.”

“There’s traffic going up and down at all times,” Engle said, who said she is concerned about the safety of her grandchildren.

Bottoms has asked people to leave the area at times because they said people will go up the drive, enter the neighboring property and park for extended amounts of time.

City Attorney Winfield Frankel said he would research the ownership of the easement, why it was put in and if it was something the city had the power to release.