Danville using $191K in municipal aid to pave 15 streets

Published 9:02 am Friday, May 12, 2017

The City of Danville will spend about $191,000 this spring to resurface 15 city roads.

The city is using the last of its municipal aid money for the year to pay for the projects, said Tom Byerly with the City Engineer’s Office.

The city will pay $63.60 per ton for an estimated 3,006 tons of asphalt.

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“That’s the lowest price that I’ve been associated with since I’ve been here,” Byerly said.

Danville is getting the asphalt at the state price contract, minus a 5 percent discount from the construction company, the Allen Company.

Byerly said there are other streets in need of resurfacing that require milling before fresh asphalt can be poured. The city hopes to do those next year in order to pay once for a milling machine, he explained.

The 15 streets that will be resurfaced are:

Lexington Avenue area

• Cecil Street from Caldwell Street to Parkview Drive;

• Parkview Drive from Cecil Street to Lexington Avenue;

• Pleasantwood Drive from Parkview Drive to McDowell Drive;

• Chestnut Street from Pollard Lane to Hartland Drive; and

• Hudson Avenue from Proctor Street to Cecil Street.

Hustonville Road area

• Daniel Drive from U.S. 150 to Madison Avenue;

• Highland Court from its northern intersection with Fourth Street to Centre Estates Drive;

• Lisa Avenue from Hustonville Road to Jackson Avenue;

• Jackson Avenue from Lisa Avenue to East Jefferson Avenue;

• Cloverdale Drive from Hustonville Road to Rebel Road;

• Logan Avenue from Hustonville Road to Perkins Avenue; and

• Runaway Road from Logan Avenue to Perkins Avenue.

Shakertown Road area

• Silvercreek Drive from Shakertown Road to Candlewood Drive;

• Coldstream Drive from Springhill Drive to Brookside Drive; and

• Angela Drive.

Map copyright Google Maps / Graphic by Ben Kleppinger

Map copyright Google Maps / Graphic by Ben Kleppinger

Map copyright Google Maps / Graphic by Ben Kleppinger