Hospital personnel did good job

Published 11:35 am Friday, May 12, 2017

Dear Editor,

I want to publicly recognize the dedication and service of our local hospital health care persons who provide health services and respond to emergencies routinely every hour and every day of the week.

There was a car crash last week, which occurred at the corner of Walnut and Fourth streets. I happened to be there and saw an immediate response by hospital personnel, who did not wait for the injured to arrive there within minutes.

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This speaks volumes about the initiative and dedication of our Ephraim McDowell employees. Heroes one and all. Fortunately, there did not appear to have been any crash injuries. But dedicated and highly trained personnel were at the ready and responded within minutes to mitigate pain and to put the injured on the path to wellness.

Danville is blessed to have this facility. Thank you, Mr. Piper, and thanks to the many hospital personnel.

Bernie Hunstad