Out with the old: King Buffet demolition

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Workers with the Greer Land Company, Energy Management Group, were busy Tuesday tearing down the old King Buffet building on the corner of Hustonville Road and the Danville Bypass.

A worker said it takes a day to knock the old building down and a couple more days to haul away the rubble, leaving an empty, flat lot.

The Greer Land Company owns the property and plans to build back; it’s currently looking for businesses interested in locating in the spot, the worker said. A sign on the property advertising its availability states there are about 2 acres of space.

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According to news archives, the building first became King Buffet in June 2005. Prior to that, it had been a different restaurant, Jumbo Buffet, since 2000.