Property transfers, May 20

Published 1:47 am Saturday, May 20, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

JP Morgan Chase Bank and Phillip G. Pickthall, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, property on Baughman Avenue, $26,000.

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JP Morgan Chase Bank and Kimberly S. Eaves, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, property in Caldwell Manor, $48,000.

Brenda L. Prescott to Larry C. and Virginia B. Halcomb, property in Colonial Heights subdivision, $190,000.

Harold E. and Janice M. Delk, to Kimberly C. Williamson, property in Indian Hills subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $140,000.

Steve and Janice Burkich to Bernard and Carolyn A. Montgomery, property in Argyll subdivision, $280,000.

Thomas R. and Cynthia J. Baeker to Zachary R. and and Catherine F. Baeker, property in Williamsburg Village, $60,000.

David and Lee Ann Toy to Michael V. and Diana L. Gilley, property on St. Mildred’s Court, $180,000.

Ricky L. Dawson, as administrator of the James H. Cummins estate, to Ricky L. Dawson, property on Westwood Court, property transfer; fair market value, $30,000.

Rodger F. Tully to Donna M. Lashley, property in Indian Hills subdivision, $167,500.

Billie R. Ramey to Pattie Wilson, property on Shelby Street, Junction City, $47,000.

James Houston to Patricia Devine, two tracts on Duncan Hill Road, $18,000.

Jonathan Tomancik to Steven and Kimberlee Owens, .56 of an acre in Boyle County, $11,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services and Jeremy L Vaught, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Carrington Mortgage Services, property on Logan Avenue, $74,800.

Ernest S. and Angela K. Wilson to Alois and Kristi Sigola, property on East Main Street, $160,000.

Britany M. Ramsey to Tamme Valley Farm LLC, two properties in Tugglewood subdivision, $752,000.

William S. Gibson and Mark A. Montgomery to E.J. and Sandra L Waters, property on West Broadway, $112,500.

Shelby Green LTD to Robert M. Curtis and Clint Curtis, property in Shelby Green subdivision, $21,000.

Darrell G. and Phillis B. Taylor to Dakota and Jessica Smallwood, 1.015 acres in Boyle County, $20,000.

Travis and Bethany Campbell to Nettie L. Cox, two lots in Shelby Green subdivision, $165,000.

Benjamin R. and Katie C. Knoll to Graham B. and Martha Neal Cooke and Susan Seiller, property on West Lexington Avenue, $171,000.

Brandon and Jessica Anderson to Paul Massey, property in Baughman Heights, $83,000.

Mary Vest, through Brad Terhune, to Brad Terhune, property on Meadowbrook Drive, gift; value not listed.

Brittany M. Ramsey to Timothy and Melinda Marion, 5.9 acres in Tugglewood subdivision, $331,200.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Monticello Banking Company and Allison Morgan Williams, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Monticello Banking Company, property on Green River on the south side of Ky. 70, $60,000.

Michael Lawless to Tim and Alissa Adams, property on Ky. 70, $8,500.

Charlotte and James M. Hempfling, Talmage E. and Annie L. Thompason, Fama M. Greer, Roma J. and Bekham Williams, Edwin K. and Ritchiel B. Sowers, Robin M. and Micahel T. McArter, and Michael S. Sowers, as executor of the Ardath Ivadean Sowers estate, to Joel O. and Sheila R. Greer, property on Kings Mountain-Yosemite Road, $60,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher D. Smelser, property on Button Knob Road, $122,500.

Greg and Carol Lawhorn to Danny and Debra Buis, 1.61 acres on Ky. 49, $156,00.

Johnny D. Patterson to Penny Jean Kastle, .76 of an acre on Ky. 80, $36,800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Secretary of Housing and urban Development to Lonnie Napier, property on Scenic View Drive, $108,600.

Eric P. and Caressa M. Coots to Anne R. and Dennis D. Weiskircher Sr., property in Cade’s Cove subdivision, $179,000.

J.W. and Wanda Ramsey and William B. and Stephanie Ramsey to Copperhead Properties LLC, 43.98 acres in Garrard and Madison counties, $200,000.

Diane and Randy Scott to Gina and Marc G. Richardson, property in Chenault Bridge Park, $182,500.

W. Michael and Lana Joyce Bauman to Matthew G. and Marcie Pendleberry, five acres on Sugar Creek Road, $231,000.

Kevin C. Smith, Carla J. Smith and Federal National Mortgage Association, through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Federal National Mortgage Association, property on Homestead Lane, $83,334.

Kimberly and Elroy Hulett to Ann and Jerry McQuerry, two parcels on Maple Avenue, $112,500.

Rental Investments Inc. to Carrie A. Sargent, property on Turner Avenue, $70,300.

John B. and Patricia Rich to Dustin Butner, property in Merriwood Estates, $500.

Christy Roberts to James and Ann Wilson, six acres on Back Creek, $19,000.

Shanda West to Willie T. Robertson, tract near Kennedy Bridge, $15,000.

Scott B. and Ladonna S. Smith to Carlis D. Richards, about 50 acres on Masons Fork of Paint Lick Creek, $114,000.

Paul and Loretta Miller to Samuel M. and Rebecca Byler, property in Harmon’s Lick community, $88,000.

Lula Lawson to Dave and Sherry Brown, two tracts in the Cartersville area, $65,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Mark J. Carman and Amber N. Carman through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 0.63 of an acre on Ky. 198, McKinney, $46,100. 

Michael Brock Jr. to Charles W. and Lynn Marie Scott, 1.50 acres in Lincoln County, gift; fair cash value, $7,200. 

Shirley Eugene and Verta Mae Williams to Constance Jean Nevels, property on Ephesus Road, $2,000. 

Paula R. Elliott to Paula R. Elliott and Tara J. Campbell, property on Ky. 1247, gift; fair cash value, $67,000. 

Barbara Ann McCumber to Cody J. and Elizabeth Heizer, two tracts in Carpenter Heights subdivision, $90,000. 

Stephen L. and Valerie Day to Chase and Danielle Padgett, 2.206 acres off Trinity Drive, $22,000. 

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Timothy C. and Tammy S. Carman, two acres on Kidd Lane, Hustonville, $39,000. 

James R. and Brenda Buck to Benjamin Ryan and Michelle Buck, lot No. 77, Phase 6 and lot No. 14, Phase 2, North Moreland Place subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $20,900. 

Denola Sims to Crystal R. Marlowe, two tracts off Ky. 39, including a portion of property known as the Poor House Farm, gift; value not listed. 

Phillip W. and Deborah J. Adams to Kenneth S. and Kristen M. Adams, five acres on Old U.S. 150, gift; fair cash value, $5,000. 

Richard Stahlbusch to Amanda Brooke and Michael James Marsh III, lot No. 13 of Arcadia View subdivision, $134,000. 

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Keith and Sindy Wilson, lot No. 25, Phase 1, Huston Pointe Development, $176,000. 

Nancy C. and Tony Lanigan to Lisa Gilliam, 0.6106 of an acre on Lancaster Street, $83,100. 

Hand In Hand Realty, LLC, to Brian Collins, property on Powell Street, $25,000. 

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to John K. and Edna Miniard, 2.54 acres off Walnut Grove School Road, $30,000. 

Mark and Barbara Jo Cain to Joann Fitzpatrick, property on Somerset Street, deed in lieu of foreclosure; fair cash value. $85,000. 

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.55 acres on Ky. 1247, foreclosure, fair market value, $53,602.74. 

U.S. Bank, Trust, to Rick Cole, lot No. 33, Phase 3, North Moreland Place subdivision, $20,000. 

Louise Ann Sims to Kenneth Norman Sims, 21.12 acres off Gourley Road and Sims Ridge Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $79,479.98. 

Jessie and Ella Norfleet to Cindy L. and Raul Rosales Jr., lot No. 8, Unit 5, Block E, Dix River Estates subdivision, $147,000. 

Richard C. Cochran to Michelle Cochran, 2.74 acres on Pine Road, property settlement. 

Michelle Cochran to Allison Taylor Cochran, 2.74 acres on Pine Road, gift; value not listed. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Charles and Penny Nowlin to Jessica C. and James J. Parker, property in Poplar Heights subdivision, $119,000.

Joshua S. Carey to Ethan Campbell, property on Beaumont Avenue, $99,999.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, property on Noel Avenue, property transfer; fair market value  $80,000.

Stone Oak Estates LLC to Stacy G. Baker, property in Stone Oak Estates, $272,000.

John D. and Janice A. Curtsinger to Elizabeth and Jonathan Wilhoite, property in Blue Ridge subdivision, $74,900.

Thomas S. and Linda Riney to Timothy and Lori Sheehan, 2.1 acres in Mercer County, $10,087.

Darrell and Rita Beavers to James T. and Bonnie O. Tanner, property on South Main Street, $60,000.

Luradane LLC to Janet and Donald G. Holman Jr., property in Maple Hills subdivision, $32,000.

Velma J. Adrian to Phillip E. and Anne M. Meader, 6.2 acres on Moore Lane, $345,000.

Robert M. and Denise A. Spalding to Timothy J. and Beverly J. Gill, property on Ashley Camp Road, $320,000.

Eddie and Theresa Sanford and Anne S. and Houston Burkhead to Paul R. Barrett, 97.598 acres in Mercer County, $340,000.

Sara H. Sutherland and Glenn K. Hurst, as co-executors of the Lucille D. Hurst estate, and Perry Hurst, to Brenda Noel, property in Aspen Hall Gardens subdivision  $129,000.

David Bernaitis to Jarrett M. and Aleena L. Peavler, property on Bruner’s Chapel Road, $230,00.

Douglas M. and Theresa D. Roberts to William K. and Ashley N. Lewis, 1.5 acres in Mercer County, $132,000.

Starboard Marine LLC to Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Highways, four tracts on Kennedy Bridge Road, $137,925.

Richard D. Bartley Jr. and Tamria M. Bartley to Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Highways, four tracts along Kennedy Bridge Road, $38,100.

James W. and Lisa R. Mattingly to Bethany Bowden, property on Perryville Street, $51,000.

Barbara J. and Tommy Teater to Emily Keller, property in Alexander Heights subdivision, $125,000.

Charles B. and Tarrah A. Guthrie to Courtney Duchesne, property on Lynn Drive, $119,900.

Angela and J. Kevin Wethington II to Kevin R. Hill, property in Mercer County, $255,000.

Eliza Piomelli to Michael and Amy Richardson, property of the Lakeview Cattle Company, $45,000.

Timothy A. Lester, as executor of the Vickie Sue Lester estate, to Timothy A. and Jessica C. Lester, property on Larchmont Street, estate settlement; fair cash value, $55,454.

Inman Properties LLC to Richard Rowe Properties Inc., .601 of an acre in Prosperous Place, $8,000.

Inman Properties LLC to Richard Rowe Properties Inc., .424 of an acre in Prosperous Place, $4,000.