Russian investigation will backfire on Democrats

Published 8:21 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dear Editor,

“Be careful what you ask for,” as the old adage goes, “because you just might get it!” The breathless, hysterical, leftist media has been screaming for a special prosecutor to investigate the Russians and Trump. Now they have gotten their wish.  

The Justice Department has done just that. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who has the approval of Democrat and Republican alike, will head up the investigation. He will be given “a big gun” with the power of subpoena to go wherever the investigation leads. Often, these investigations take unexpected turns. And it’s not Trump who should be afraid.

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In six months, here’s what we will know: 

(1) The nutty charges of collusion between Trump and Russia will finally be put to rest; 

(2) Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, will be found to have requested over 1,000 names of Americans who were spied upon, including those in the Trump campaign;  

(3) Classified information was illegally leaked to the press by anti-Trump forces under Comey’s watch. The media will move on to their next red herring;

(4) The only chargeable crimes will be against the anti-Trump “leakers;” 

(5) The foolishly lax DNC and John Podesta, whose password was “password,” in fact DID have their emails hacked by Russia;

(6) The secretive Secretary of Sate Hilary Clinton foolishly used an unsecured private server and had thousands of classified emails hacked. Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails AFTER they had been ordered turned over to investigators. All to protect her secret slush fund AKA the Clinton Foundation, which sleazily peddled government influence. 

Will the press report it? We now know the media is an arm of the Democratic Party’s left wing. They are not interested in the truth. They unabashedly want to destroy Donald Trump. Media lies, such as “Comey was fired because he asked for more funding for the Russia investigation” sadly influence the gullible among us. 

Another prediction: The arrogant, elitist, dishonest press and Democrats who have now lost the majority of state governorships, the House, the Senate and the presidency — will lose ever more credibility. And that’s hard to do!

Eben D. Henson