From our files, May 27

Published 1:52 am Saturday, May 27, 2017

100 YEARS AGO — 1917

The Perryville Motor Company delivered last week to W. Creed Arnold, a Dodge car. We expect at an early date to see Mr. Arnold handling his machine as a veteran driver would.

The upcoming Decoration Day is a legal holiday set apart for the decoration of the graves of Federal soldiers. Exercises will be held, weather permitting, at the Danville cemetery. It is hoped that many will attend, and thus show the young men contemplating enlisting now that a soldier’s memory is cherished in the United States. A great many soldiers are buried here, and it is hoped that the people will bring baskets of flowers.

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The dance given in the Walnut Street tobacco barn Friday night was largely attended. Many out-of-town young people were here and the event proved quite enjoyable.

Robert Dunn, who is stationed with the United States troops at Ft. Thomas, was in Danville last weekend for a brief visit. Bob presents a neat appearance in his new uniform and looks every inch a soldier. While he could not, of course, say very much by reason of instructions to keep a silent tongue, yet Bob left the impression that the struggle will be a long one. He is much pleased with his location.

75 YEARS AGO — 1942

An ordinance was passed at the regular meeting of the Danville City Council requiring all grocery and meat market stores to close each Wednesday afternoon during the months of June, July and August. The ordinance says in part that due to labor conditions, necessity of conserving tires and to allow the needed rest to employees, all grocery and meat stores must close on Wednesday afternoons at 1 o’clock. Store owners failing to observe the law will be arrested and tried in police court. In other business, the council approved for persons wishing to place booths on the sidewalk during the war for the purpose of selling war bonds and stamps.

The Danville post office will give regular service, except for rural delivery of mail, on Memorial Day, Saturday, May 30. James Bean, postmaster, said that the present war conditions and demands on the postal service made the usual Memorial Day holiday inadvisable this year.

Danville is the subject of one of 2,811 articles in the latest printing of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. The information was supplied by the Danville Chamber of Commerce. The classic encyclopedia practice of issuing entirely new editions every five years has been changed. Experience has proved that about 75 percent of the articles in any encyclopedia contains “frozen” information and therefore seldom requires revision. Under the new Britannica editorial technique, which calls for annual reprinting of the set and extensive revision of each volume.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

At least 22 counties will be represented by floats, bands and other types of units in the Danville parade on June 1, marking the close of the state’s celebration of its 175th anniversary. The parade will be one of the highlights of the anniversary observation which has been combined this year with the annual three-day Isaac Shelby Festival.

Paula Wolfe and Barry Spoonamore entertained friends in the seventh and eighth grades with a dance on Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spoonamore on Maple Avenue. Music was furnished by The Soul Sensation. About 150 guests attended. Assisting Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe and Mr. and Mrs. Spoonamore were Mrs. Ray Coy, Mrs. Leon Kingsolver, Mrs. Catherine Brewer and Mrs. Betty Ransdell.

The Cross Nursery and Kindergarten held its final day of classes on Friday according to Mrs. N.A. Cross, director of the state-registered school. The most exciting field trip of the year that the students took was a visit to the fire hall where they got to ride on the fire truck. Kindergarten graduates were Pam Baker, Jimmy Downey, Diane McCulley, Sandra Richey, Clark Cottrell, Patty Harman, Wade Gipson, Danny Cox, Dennis Cox, Billy Parkey, James Peyton, Sharon Stratton, Mike Henson, Sonny Looney, Marketta Hoover, Carol Timberlake, Vickie Gordon, Michelle Tarter, Joe Cline, Elizabeth Caldwell, Robin Barnes and J. Willemsz Geeroms. In the nursery group were Jane Donlin, Robbie Gorley, Tommy Johnson, Kimberly Costa, Karen Bugg, Rodney Overstreet, Tammy Arnold, Lisa Gipson and Mary McClure.

25 YEARS AGO — 1992

A pilot curbside recycling program will be tried next year in Danville. The City Commission has authorized $2,400 to pay Stevens Dispos-Al for a six-month program covering 200 houses. Four sections of the city will be chosen for the project. This will give the commission an idea of what percentage of people are willing to set out recyclable materials for weekly curbside pickup and how well people follow directions such as rinsing jars and removing lids from plastic containers.

Clark Equipment Co. has announced it has signed a purchase agreement to sell its material handling business to Terex Corp. of Green Bay Wisconsin.

For the last 29 years, Room 1 at Jennie Rogers Elementary School has seen a new group of first-graders come and go. But one thing has been constant, the teacher, Barbara Halcomb who is now preparing for retirement. “I had my time planned out for me — now I’m the planner. I’ve enjoyed every moment of teaching. This year has been so exciting that I haven’t wanted it to end,” she said. Halcomb first taught for six months in 1952 in her native Salyersville. The next school year she moved to Jenkins. In 1954 she came to the elementary school in Harrodsburg and stayed there for nine years, before coming to Jennie Rogers.