Letter: Bad drivers in Danville

Published 8:32 am Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dear Editor,

A question from the peanut gallery: Why does Boyle County, most assuredly including Danville, want to report vehicular accidents as if the sky is falling? We know the sky will never fall, and the day it does, if it should, LOOK OUT! This is what driving is like, actually anywhere: Look out! It appears to me, however, drivers in Danville who are causing these accidents in Danville — too many fatal — are doing exactly that; not looking out!

Drivers often pull across traffic to the other lane, Chief Gray says (great guy, wish we had more like him in Danville), and end up going the wrong way. In a big city like Louisville, this happens where there are lots of opportunities like this. And if one driver fails to look out others had better look out.

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But Danville is not a big city like Louisville. This is my point, exactly. Danville will never reach the size of Louisville, or any other big city, where drivers pay attention and look out, so things like fatal accidents do not happen.

Jeffrey L. King