Letter: Senators and representative should hold town halls

Published 8:32 am Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dear Editor,

I call on Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Brett Guthrie to hold public town halls with their constituents during the next recess. None of these elected officials met with any general public groups during the last recess. Rather, they chose to fundraise for their party or meet in private with selected groups of business leaders.

I need to hear and ask questions about their proposed policies and votes. Just reading email form letters thanking me for contacting their offices and opinion essays doesn’t allow for an exchange of ideas and dialogue, which is sorely needed in Washington right now.

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I want meetings which afford respect to Kentucky voters and which acknowledge something all politicians need to accept. They work not just for lobby groups, wealthy contributors or business leaders, but for me and every citizen of the commonwealth.

Jane Preston