Property transfers, June 3

Published 9:47 am Saturday, June 3, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Alice M. Wimberg to Diana Turner, through Pam Leinauer, property in Williamsburg Green, $208,500.

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Gray Rentals LLC to Adam and Kelly Gray, 5.78 acres in Crestview subdivision, property transfer; fair market value, $35,000.

Michael J. Whitaker to Floyd M. James, 8.867 acres on Lebanon Road, $172,500.

Clarence R. Wyatt and Lois A. Stone to Jeffrey T. and Jamie E. Shenton, property on North Third Street, $299,250.

John M. Delaney to Matthew P. Kassner and Jeana E. Raby, property on Sterling Drive, $200,000.

David and Anita Ferrell to Wendell Lee Douglas Jr., property in Phylben Village, $12,000.

Ruth Ann Sweet, through Sara Huser, to Shane and Rana M. Hamilton, property on Rolling Hills, $83,000.

Jenelle M. Anthony to Miranda L. Jaggers, property in Farris Court subdivision, $72,000.

Amy L. and James A. Turpin Jr. to Colson C. and Linda K. Wilson, property in Shelby Green subdivision, $169,000.

Thomas W. and Margaret J. O’Brien to Jane M. Goatley, property on Russell Street, $86,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

David G. and Valerie Sanders to Kathy McDonald-Choate, property on Lower Bryant Ridge Road, $40,000.

Judy F. and John McQueary to Ryan D. McQueary, property on Tennessee Ridge Road, gift; value not listed.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Kenneth D. and Lori M. Norton to Douglas and Lisa Goens, property in Trails End subdivision, $80,750.

James E. and Ruth M. Lunsford to Thy Chea, two tracts on Ky. 954, $65,000.

Victorino and Marsha Juarez-Torres to Debra Lynn Evans, property in Garrard County, $80,000.

Frankie W. and Margaret L. Day to Michael D. and Laura Redmon, 1.69 acres in Day Ridge subdivision, $15,000.

Michael D. and Laura L. Redmon to Cody Newby, property in Day Ridge subdivision, $175,000.

Michael D. and Laura L. Redmon to Cody Newby, 1.669 acres in Day Ridge subdivision, property transfer, fair cash value, $16,000.

Brian K. and Martha M. Anderson to Leo R. and Sheila B. Boisvert, property on Scenic View Road, $350,000.

David and Anita Ferrell to Vickie Henderson and Amanda Henderson, two parcels on Meyers Court, $10,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Jeromy and Misti Viands to Sammy L. and Crystal Brown, 12.001 acres on Ky. 643, $29,125. 

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.881 acres on Ky. 1770, Crab Orchard, property transfer; fair cash value, $50,000. 

Jeremy D. Mason to Richard B. Collins, 1.112 acres on Maple Swamp Road, $99,000. 

Harry Folger to The Sluder Family Revocable Living Trust, Curtis L. Sluder and Clydene Sluder, trustees, two tracts on New U.S. 27, $31,000. 

Wadie Lee Killen to Kathy Bryant, lots No. 8 and No. 9 of Buchanan Field subdivision, $15,000. 

Kathryn Marie and Jerry Paul Poulin to Brian J. and Melissa C. Pratt, lot No. 20, Phase 1, Sierra Subdivision on Ky. 1247, $232,000. 

Betty L. Bell to Luke Patrick and Justice Sky Shofner, lot 9-28, Section 2, Country Meadows Subdivision, $95,000. 

Deanna Moore and Monica Shirley, individually and as co-executrixes of the Martha A. Hodge estate, Eldon Moore, Rick Shirley and Brian Hodge to Benjamin and Kayce Ball, property on Olive County Road, $67,500. 

Donald E. Robbins, Vickie L. Walls, formerly Vickie L. Robbins, and Richard Walls to Jeffrey Dahlstedt, as custodian for Shiloh Dahlstedt, 4.935 acres on Rube Brown Road, $81,977.31.    


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

WRH Investments LLC, through Walter R. Hulett, and Acres Properties LLC, through Zachariah Correll to Michael A. and Sara W. Hoyt, property on Lakeland Drive, $215,000.

John R. and Marjorie Dacci to Wayne W. and Pamela Wiggins, property on Hagers Camp Road, $165,000.

Deborah A. Hino Cornell to Cindy and Kelly T. Chowning III, property on Sunrise Shores, $145,000.

Reverse Exchange LLC to Crystal Starr 2 LLC, tract #1 in Hanover subdivision and lot on Henrico Road, property transfer to take over original debt of $1,312,500; fair cash value, $1,750,000.

June Wiley to Kari L. Poole, property on West Office Street, $59,000.

Jackie R. and Rebecca L. Durbin to Charles and Ashley Durbin, 1.66 acres in Mercer County, gift; fair cash value, $40,000.

Jaymie Young as executrix of the James L. Davis estate, to John M. and Deidre Warner, property in Brightleaf subdivision, $235,000.

Ronnie H. and Margaret A. Britton to Denver Mills, property on Cornishville Road, $12,000.

AE Enterprises LLC to Royalty’s Inc., property on Price Avenue, $125,000.

Katrina and Richard Buford to Susan E. Lewis, property in Harrods Trace subdivision, $95,000.

James Morgan to Adam Peavler, property on Sunshine Drive, $123,500.

James J. and Kristy Drakeford to Jessica L. and Levi R. Warren, property on Meadow Lane, $185,000.

Frank J. Olivio III and Christy Pharr to Allan and Pamela Helm, 5.018 acres in Mercer County, $188,500.

David and Judy Beck to Elias D. and Christa P. Thompson, property on Ky. 35, $115,000.

Fifth Third Mortgage Com. to Daniel and Amber Sewell, property on Pleasant Hill Drive, $109,810.

Kyle and Maggie Schroeder to Jeff and Virginia Giles, property on Norman’s Camp Road, $146,000.

Jennie L. Hansel to George L. and Wilma L. Wilson, property on Sunset Drive, gift; fair market value, $42,000.

Madalynn R. Wolfe to Sarah K. Gaudinier, property on Graham Avenue, $73,000.

Louis G. and Angela S. Bennett to John W. and Mary L. Jones, 11.76 acres on Bellows Mill Road, $140,000.