Building permits issued in May

Published 8:28 am Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Building permits issued in May by Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning Commission include:

Edward Campbell III, 1280 Chrisman Lane, single family dwelling, 6,816 square feet; G. Corey and L. Hartman, 3055 Waterworks Road, single family dwelling, 4,367 square feet; Mike and Lisa Belcher, 561 Johnson Branch Road, single family dwelling, 1,592 square feet; Nick Warren, 1368 Waterworks Road, single family dwelling, 2,510 square feet; Danville Independent Schools, 400 Cunningham Way, greenhouse, 320 square feet; Jerry M. Wachter, 1083 Secretariat Drive, storage, 392 square feet; McAnly Properties, 111 Thoroughbred Drive, temporary tent, 1,500 square feet; Bruce Huffman, 883 Shadeland Drive, bath addition, 120 square feet; Kathryn Pianovsko, 612 Cloverdale Drive, above ground pool, 452 square feet; Montgomery Brothers, 501 South Third St., warehouse, 7,900 square feet; Hobert Wilson, 211 Orchard Drive, deck addition, 144 square feet; Kenneth Yocum, 173 Hughes Lane, storage, 276 square feet; Thomas Cummins, 107 Berwick Drive, in-ground pool, 648 square feet; Viking Partners, 126 Skywatch Drive, commercial building, 1,897 square feet; Randy Dean, 1350 Harrodsburg Road, 2,185 square feet; Denis and Kristi Grubbs, 101 Berwick Drive, deck, 168 square feet; Dane Burris, 620 Roy Arnold Blvd., commercial storage, 6,000 square feet; Mike Smentowski, 201 Madison Ave., screened in porch, 250 square feet.

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