City serves county, too

Published 10:48 am Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dear Editor,

The Friday night before Memorial Day weekend, when we were hosting several out-of-town houseguests, we noticed water flowing outdoors between my home and my neighbor’s. Though a county resident, I remembered that the City of Danville provided our water so I called the after-hours phone number to report the problem. I spoke with Jim and  explained that water was gushing out of the ground. Jim promised to dispatch a team to my home that night.

My husband and I rapidly filled buckets and tubs with water fully expecting to be without running water for the 3 day weekend. Surely, the water department employees would just shut off service until the next business day. In less than 1 hour, City employee Evie arrived and by the light of a cell phone flashlight, he fixed the problem! I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Jim, Evie and the other hard-working municipal employees who provide so many services to our community.

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I also appreciate it when our representatives in city and county government collaborate to provide efficient services like our water. From water treatment to billing, the city provides the water service beyond city boarders, which keeps costs down for taxpayers like me.  Thank you!

Mary Beth Touchstone

Boyle County