Property transfers, June 10

Published 8:51 am Monday, June 12, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Farmers National Bank of Danville to Bobby D. and Cheryl L. Sinkhorn, property in Boyle County, $60,000.

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U.S. Bank Trust and Teresa A. Stephens, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to U.S. Bank, 12.958 acres on Persimmon Knob Road, $375,000.

Timothy R. Montgomery to Ronald W. and Brenda W. Brown, property on Otter Street and Stanford Avenue, $125,000.

Donald Yankey to Rick Cole, property on Queen Street, $17,000.

James A. and Ada M. Jordan, to Richard Cook Jr., property in Rolling Hills, $57,500.

Stone and Ella M. Clay to Jerry Finley, 3.157 acres in Boyle County, $15,000.

Thomas W. and Margaret J. O’Brien to Michael and Suzannah Kondik, property on Russel Street, $31,000.

Steven T. and Jennifer L. Valentine to Brandon W. and April S. Drake, property in St. Michael’s Crossing, $320,000.

Frederick J. Halterman to S. Thomas and Jennifer Valentine, property in Shelby Green subdivision, $169,900.

Larry J. and Gail Bowling and Freddie W. and Janice Bowling to Paul M. Bowling, property in Boydan Court subdivision, $40,000.

Ditech Financial LLC and Bradford A. Ping, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Ditech Financial LLC, property in Indian Hills subdivision, $61,000.

William T. Yocum to Ricky Hale, property on Lincoln Avenue, $102,000.

Owen P. Ethington to Johnathan S. Waldrep and Tristen R. Wood, property on White Oak Road, $80,000.

Farmers National Bank of Danville, Justin R. Chambers and Crystal M. Chambers, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, two parcels on U.S. 150, $30,101.

Margaret Y. Levi, as executor of the Charlotte A. G. Young, to George P. Caudill, property on Jean Drive, $105,000.

William L. and Virginia L. Stratton to Daniel E. Frank, property on Mitchellsburg Road, $93,000.

Wilburn Brothers Concrete LLC to Kristopher M. and Amanda R. Scott, 1.78 acres on U.S. 127, $55,000.

Bob and Janet Orms to Steve and Penny D. Wooldridge, property in Boyle County, $15,000.

Sue M. and Ralph V. Wilson II to Anthony W. and Melissa G. Rolph, property on Stanford Avenue, $100,000.

Vicki Wethington, as executrix of the Hallie Mae Noel estate, to Vicki Wethington, property in Grandview subdivision, estate settlement; fair cash value, $50,000.

Connie J. and Edward J. Campbell Jr. to Travis G. and Bethany Campbell, three parcels in Wilson-Daugherty Heights subdivision, $125,000.

Jessica and Justin Kendrick to Janice and Anthony Bender and Mary M. Jaye, property on Southern Drive, $118,000.

Jamie and Donna Baker to Betty Whitehead, property on Streamland Drive, $245,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Irene Gosser to Donna J. Robinson, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $93,000.

Irene Gosser to Eric S. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $37,265.

Irene Gosser to Brian A. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge; fair market value, $43,550.

Irene Gosser to Dustin M. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $26,365.

Irene Gosser to Sharon Y. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $81,350.

Irene Gosser to Zachary Q. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $25,780.

Irene Gosser to Michelle L. Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $26,740.

Irene Gosser to Norman Gosser, property on Gosser Ridge, gift; fair market value, $77,030.

Johnny and Brenda Williams to Jason M. Williams, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $3,300.

Hugh B. Wells to Amy Elmore, property  in Casey County, $15,000.

Brenda Sue May to Anita Wier, property on Butcher Street, $114,000.

Dennis M. and Susanna U. Miller to Cleason Z. and Wilma N. Martin, two parcels on Merritt Ridge, $200,00.

Ridgefield Place LLC to Ira L. and Donna L. Atwood, property in Ridgefield Place, $5000.

Roger Murrell and Donna Murrell to Brian and Carole Hay, two parcels in Combs subdivision, $120,000.

Bonita Feese to Donald R. and Cynthia L. Cravens, property on Hickman and Chappels Creek, one half interest, property exchange of fair cash value, $2,000.

Donald R. and Cynthia L. Cravens and Rite-Way Inc. to Bonita Feese, property  on Hickman and Chappels Creek, property exchange worth $2,000.

Betty Gadberry to Anthony and Bille Gadberry, 45.57 acres in Casey County gift; fair cash value, $70,000.

Richard and Kathy Weddle to Neal Weddle and Jason Weddle, property on Dewey Miller Road  gift; fair cash value  $2,500.

Eva G. and Ammon W. Weaver Jr. to Jean Wolf, property on Chestnut Level Road, $80,000.

Clay Bowen to Kimberly Bowen, three parcels in Casey County, property settlement; value not listed.

Mahlon and Susanna Martin to James A. and Jayme S. Miller, 2.0187 acres in Casey County, $41,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

James G. and Rita S. Lawson to Edward and Christine Jadczak, property on Clay Avenue, $240,000.

Ronnie and Mildred Broadus to Feldman Firearms Gunsmithing LLC, property on Tinder Avenue, $85,000.

James and Ann Wilson to Glenn Buffin, about six acres on Back Creek, $40,000.

Kathryn Ann Clary to Barbara C. Edwards, property in Deer Run subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $132,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mark and Rennae Kutchera, property on Bobby Noe Road, $227,000.

Joanne and Arthur Moore to Clyde and Linda Moffett, property in Dixie View Estates, $133,700.

Barnes & Saunders Builders LLC to Andrew S. and Jennifer M. Osborne, property on Meadow View, $149,900.

Whitaker Bank Inc. to Frances P. and Phyllis Halloran, property in Haselden Heights, $15,000.

Troy L. and Lisa Hall to Kentucky Department of Highways, tract along Ky. 1972, $1,500.

William Joseph Roark II and heirs of William Roark, and Bank of America, through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., property  on U.S. 27, $30,784.

Marion and Jim Vruggink, Linda and Bill Struckhoff and Tom and Laurie Sides to Paul and Patsy Sides, property on Maple Avenue, $71,250.

Daniel Cheek, as executor of the Zach Cheek Jr. estate, to Ashton Cheek and JP Cheek, property off of Waterworks Road, estate settlement; value, $25,000.

Daniel Cheek, as executor of the Zack Cheek Jr. estate, to Tyler Cheek, Ashton Cheek and JP Cheek, property on Waterworks Road, estate settlement; value, $16,500.

Daniel Cheek, as executor of the Zack Cheek Jr. estate, to Zachary Cheek, property on Waterworks Road, estate settlement; value, $3,000.

William M. Gammon and Amber N. Gammon to James M. Hicks, property near Buckeye Road, $22,500.

Kathleen McIntosh to Christopher and Lucille Abner, tracts on Calico Road, $55,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Juanita Shelton, property on Tanyard Branch Road, $115,000.

Bradley K. Woods and Tessa N. Woods to Jared T. and Sasha M. Sullivan, property on Humphrey Lane, $175,000.

Athea J. and Greg Seeser to Deanna L. Combs, 2.259 acres on Calico Road, $67,200.

Melvin Bailey Jr. to David K. and Susan Sowder, property on Lexington Street, $50,000.

Charles and Lois Richardson to Irvin & Irvin LLC, property in Camp Dick Acres subdivision, $162,000.

Thomas A. and Rebecca M. Covey to Johnnie W. and Joyce T. Sanders, property on Burley Drive, $220,000.

Holden 7 Inc. to Donald C. and Marian L. Wren, property on Lexington Street, $169,000.

The Nature Conservancy to Dix River Holdings LLC, tract on the Dix River, $27,500.

Ronald Lee Prewitt, as executor of the Lucille Maurine Prewitt estate, to Sheila Jane Norris, property on Davis Avenue, $75,000.

John K. Frederick to Alex L. and Mary V. Chaney, property on Dix River, $10,000.

Sandy E. Damrell to Eugene and Sandra Damrell, property on Copper Creek, gift; fair market value, $30,000.

William O. Huffman and Jennifer L. Farmer to Greg H. and Jennifer R. Fowler, property on Copper Creek Road, $165,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Linda Jo and Ralph Thomas Vick Jr. to Jeffrey and Audrey Bastin, lot No. 13 of Walnut Grove Subdivision, Section 1, $172,000. 

Katie and Larry Lyons to Andrea and Johnny Coleman II, lots No. 26 and No. 28, Arcadia View subdivision, $125,000. 

Jackie Lee and Phyllis Ann Wall to Larry and Janice McAninch, three parcels containing 44.11 acres on Clear Fork Road, $150,000. 

Cynthia and Charles Bradley Simmons to Robert and Zara Driggers, tracts 1 and 2 of Chrisman Farms, containing 10.047 acre on Deer Chase, $49,500. 

Kathleen Y. Patton to Emily A. and Michael Bohannon Radcliff, two tracts on Boneyville Road and Newland Lane, $94,000. 

Jason Scott Deering, Ginger Raye Deering and Nicholas Scott Deering to Angela Deering, lot No. 29 of Raintree Subdivision, Section 2, gift; fair cash value, $94,000. 

U.S. Bank, N.A., to Honradez Investment Group, LLC, property along the C.N.O. & T.P. Railroad Company property, Hustonville, $12,500. 

Raymond and Kathleen Reynolds to Benny and Patricia Cox and Jennifer Kristie Cox, 15.349 acres on Old Bee Lick Road, $64,000. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Eunice Goldene Burton, through Cheryl Prewitt, to Paul Dwayne Naylor, property in Riverview Estates, gift; fair cash value, $65,000.

Circle K Properties LLC to Paul D. and Karen S. Devries, property on Paradise Camp Road, $167,500.

Fortune Time, LLC to Joshua B. Cravens, property on North College Street, $78,800.

Elias D. and Christa P. Thompson to Joshua L. and Alexandra Slone, property on Louisville Road, Salvisa, $110,900.

Kathleen D. Regan, Alison Dunn, Kelly R. and Martin Di Girolamo and Kevin M. and Shannon Regan, through Caleb Bottom, to Kathleen D. Regan, Alison Dunn and Kevin M. and Shannon Regan, property in Chimney Rock subdivision, $65,017.

Elwood and Gloria Lister to Clifford Lister, two lots in Fairview Addition, $80,000.

Patrick and Sonya M. Brock to Scott D. Cole, property on Vanarsdell Road, $118,000.

Pamela J. Gravitt to Dale L. Muller, 9.852 acres on Central Pike, $55,000.

Stuart and Cathie Holt to Perry S. and Kristie L. Dressler, property on corner of Moreland Avenue and Chestnut Street, $119,000.

Maureen and A.J. Laughlin III to Hunter L. Mayne, two parcels in Alexander Heights, $148,000.

Pearl M. Sexton to Wanda Reeves, .5 of an acre on Sycamore Street, Burgin, $5,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Troy D. Griffith LLC, property on Goodlett Road, Salvisa, $75,000.

George and Kathy Nevius to Michael and Valencia Bryant, property in Gardenview subdivision, $130,000.

Randall Perry Sanders and Michael Barry Sanders as executor of the Randall D. Sanders estate, to Michael B. Sanders, property on Greenwood Drive, estate settlement; fair cash value, $68,000.