Free class offered by library, arts commission on cell phone photography 

Published 8:31 am Thursday, June 22, 2017


Contributing writer 

Does your cell phone have really awesome features for taking pictures, editing them and sharing them with your family and friends? Do you know how to use those features? Have you used those features?

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Today’s cell phones are amazing inventions. There was a day when phone use was limited to a table in the front hall. There were little nooks in the wall to house the phone and pieces of furniture which were called phone tables. Time passed and we graduated to those bag portable phones which looked like stepped down military communications devices, which I suppose they were.

And here we are today; a cell phone can do virtually anything from making a phone call to turning off your house lights from half way around the world. You can access a news feed from multiple news outlets within minutes, watch the NCAA championship basketball game, connect with friends via email, Instagram and Facebook, and get the latest weather update wherever you are going tomorrow. The device will fit in your back pocket.

So, what about that phone feature? Do you use it to its fullest potential?

The Boyle County Public Library and the Danville/Boyle County Arts Commission are hoping we can get you up to speed with some of the really simple techniques you can use to take better pictures from the cell phone you already own, edit them for your purposes and share in a variety of ways.

Caleb Conover, the instructional services librarian, will walk participants through the steps and make them comfortable with the techniques that are right at their fingertips on their phones. The class will meet twice with time in between to test your skills. Yes, that’s right; there will be a bit of homework so you can show off your acquired knowledge.

Who knows, participants may discover a hidden talent, and using easy programs available for free, they may even decide to make their own calendar, a book or send a personalized snail mail postcard from their adventures.

Mimi Becker is executive director of the Danville/Boyle County Arts Commission.