Boyle County Fair Results: Swine Show

Published 7:32 pm Friday, June 23, 2017

Swine Show

Results of the Boyle County Fair swine show include:

Novice showmanship — under 9, all exhibitors received ribbons: champion, Holland Hobbs; reserve, Makayla Cornett; third, Jacob Kernodle.

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Junior showmanship — ages 9-13: champion, Cameron Caskey; reserve, Joshua Kernodle; third, Miranda Cornett. Older junior: champion, Dylan Shaw; reserve, Ethan Thompson; third, Jarrod Cornett.

Senior showmanship — ages 14-16: champion, Courtney Jeffiers; reserve, Jenna Thompson; third, Dylan Gilbert.

Market hogs

Novice, light weight — champion, Jacob Kernodle; reserve, Noah Frank; third, Nolan Hobbs. Heavy weight — champion, Hollan Hobbs; reserve, Hayden Atcler; third Colton Fitzpatrick.

Grand champion Jacob Kernodle; reserve grand champion, Hollan Hobbs.

Berkshire, light weight — champion, Bryce Flach; reserve, Landon Smith. Heavy weight — champion, Dylan Gilbert; reserve, Jacob Graves. Grand champion, Bryce Flach; reserve grand champion, Dylan Gilbert.

Duroc, light weight — champion, Ethan Ellis. Medium weight — champion, Desmond Stubbs; reserve, Avery Holman. Heavy weight — champion, Jarrod Cornett. Grand Champion Jarrod Cornett; reserve, Desmond Stubbs.

Hampshire, light weight — champion, Jarrod Cornett. Heavy weight — champion, Miranda Cornett; reserve, Dylan Shaw. Grand champion, Miranda Cornett; reserve grand champion, Jarrod Cornett.

Landrace, medium weight — champion, Alexis Jones; reserve Jacob Graves. Grand champion, Alexis Jones; reserve grand champion, Jacob Graves.

Spotted, light weight — champion, Desmond Stubbs. Heavy weight — champion, Desmond Stubbs. 

Grand champion and reserve grand champion, Desmond Stubbs.

Yorkshire, light weight — champion, Luke Kernodle; reserve, Zane Ison. Medium weight — champion, Cameron Caskey; reserve, Miranda Cornett. Heavy weight — champion, Dylan Shaw; reserve, Desmond Stubbs. Grand champion, Dylan Shaw; reserve, Luke Kernodle.

Crossbred, light weight 1 — champion, Zane Ison; reserve, Alexis Jones. Light weight 2 — champion, Bryce Flach; reserve, Alexis Jones. Medium weight 1 — champion, Blain Flach; reserve, Ethan Thompson. Medium weight 2 — champion, Courtney Jeffiers; reserve, Dylan Shaw. Heavy weight 1 — champion, Landon Smith; reserve, Blain Flach. Heavy weight 2 — champion, Landon Smith; reserve, Corbin Coyle. Super heavy 1 — champion, Ethan Ellis; reserve, Courtney Jeffiers. Super heavy 2 — champion, Dylan Shaw; reserve, Ethan Ellis. Grand champion, Ethan Ellis.

Boyle County youth grand champion and overall grand champion, Luke Kernodle; youth reserve grand champion and overall reserve grand champion, Ethan Ellis.

Breeding gilts — February Berkshire, champion, Ethan Ellis. January Chester, champion, Ethan Ellis. January Duroc, champion, Jarrod Cornett. January Hampshire, champion, Miranda Cornett; reserve, Jenna Thompson. January Landrace, champion, Dylan Shaw. February Landrace, reserve, Alexis Jones. January Yorkshire, champion, Josh Cornett; reserve, Dylan Shaw. February Yorkshire, champion, Ethan Ellis; reserve, Zane Ison. 

Cross bred, light weight — champion, Samuel Wade; reserve, Jacob Graves. Medium weight — champion, Landon Smith; reserve, Ethan Ellis. Heavy weight — champion, Courtney Jeffiers; reserve, Miranda Cornett. Grand champion, Courtney Jeffiers; reserve champion, Landon Smith.

Overall grand champion, Ethan Ellis; reserve Courtney Jeffiers.