Boyle County Fair Beef Show Results

Published 12:57 pm Monday, July 3, 2017

The Boyle County Fair beef show results, listed in first, second and third places where applicable are: 


Senior: Bryce Flach

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Intermediate: Julia Weaber, Trey Day, Staton Bowman

Junior: Madeline Ethington,  Anna Weaber, Ryland Bowman

Peewee: Jacob Kernodle, 2 Bryson Conder,  Leanna Johnson

Steers by weight

808 – 860 pounds:Taylor Graves, Elle Montgomery

980-1020 pounds: Wyatt Acey, Garrison Montgomery

1150 – 1190 pounds: 1st and 2nd, Taylor Graves, Randa Morris

Champion: Wyatt Acey; Reserve, Taylor Graves

Boyle County Youth Show: Champion. Wyatt Acey; Reserve. Taylor Graves

Junior heifer calf 

Gelbvieh:Leah Rowe, Davi Thompson

Hereford: Gordon Cattle Company, Smith Farm: Mackenzie Emerson

Limousin: Carsen Thompson

Winter heifer calfI

Angus: Staton Bowman

Charolais:  Thad Hulett

Hereford: Smith Farm, Gordon Cattle Company, Jordan Hall

Other Breeds: Blaine Bowman

Senior heifer calf

Angus: Maria Day,Payton Williams, Shayla Clark

Gelbvieh: Leah Rowe, 2nd and 3rd, Emily Reynolds

Hereford: Maria Day, Caleb Kernodle, Sarah Grace Mobley

Limousin: Randa Morris, Eli Thompson

Other Breeds:Blain Flach, Emily Caffee, Destiny Adams

Summer yearling heifer

Angus: Trey Day, Susie Fryer

Charolais: Thad Hulett

Hereford:  Caleb Kernodle, Mackenzie Emerson, Matthew James Mobley

Limousin: Makayla Massey

Other Breeds: Staton Bowman,Bryce Flach, Madeline Borden

Junior yearling heifer

Angus: Blaine Bowman,Trey Day, Shayla Clark

Charolais: Thad Hulett

Gelbvieh: Emily Reynolds, Leah Rowe

Limousin: Julia Weaber, Carsen Thompson

Other Breeds: Madeline Ethington, Jacob Johnson,Thad Hulett

Senior yearling heifer

Angus: Susie Fryer, Ryland Bowman, Ashton Johnson

Commercial:Julia Weaber

Gelbvieh:Emily Reynolds

Hereford:  Gordon Cattle Company, Smith Farm

Limousin: Anna Weaber

Champion and Reserve

Angus: Champion: Maria Day and Reserve: Susie Fryer

Charolais: Champion and Reserve: Thad Hulett

Commercial: Champion: Julia Weaber

Gelbvieh: Champion: Leah Rowe and Reserve: Emily Reynolds

Hereford: Champion: Gordon Cattle Company and Reserve: Maria Day

Limousin: Champion: Julia Weaber and Reserve: Anna Weaber

Other Breeds: Champion: Madeline Ethington and Reserve: Staton Bowman

Junior bull calf

Gelbvieh: Davi Thompson

Hereford: Colton Emerson

Limousin: Eli Thompson

Winter bull calf

Charolais: Thad Hulett

Other Breeds: Quentin Ethington

Senior bull calf

Angus: Trey Day, Shayla Clark,  Emily Caffee

Charolais: Bryson Conder

Hereford: Smith Farm

Limousin: Davi Thompson

Other Breeds: Shayla Clark

Summer yearling bull

Charolais: Thad Hulett

Other Breeds: Madeline Borden

Junior yearling bull

Angus: Emily Reynolds

Charolais: 1st and 2nd, Thad Hulett

Senior yearling bull

Angus: Shayla Clark

Hereford: Coulton Emerson

Two year old bull

Gelbvieh: Thad Hulett

Champion and Reserve

Angus: Champion, Trey Day and Reserve, Emily Reynolds

Charolais: Champion and Reserve, Thad Hulett

Gelbvieh: Champion, Thad Hulett and Reserve, Davi Thompson

Hereford: Champion, Coulton Emerson and Reserve, Smith Farm

Limousin: Champion, Davi Thompson and Reserve, Eli Thompson

Other Breeds: Champion, Quentin Ethington and Reserve, Madeline Borden

Supreme Champion Female: Maria Day

Supreme Champion Bull: Tray Day