Boyle County Fair Goat Show Results

Published 1:03 pm Monday, July 3, 2017

The 2017 June 14 Boyle County Goat Show results listed in first, second and third place are:

Showmanship — Seniors: Josh Cornett, Kathryn Stewart, Caitlin Kreider

Juniors: Jarrod Cornett,Miranda Cornett, Avery Holman

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Novice: (receive ribbon only)  Makayla Cornett, Remie Smith, Grant Holman and Mary Caroline Sallee

PeeWee: (receive ribbon only) Bracie Smith, Maddy Hammond and Kendall Hammond

Wether shown by weight

Goats weighing 45-53 pounds: Remie Smith, Avery Holman, Mary Caroline Sallee

Goats 56-59 pounds: Grant Holman, Addie Cross, Madelyn McDonald

Goats 60-68 pounds: 1st and 2nd place,Avery Turner, 3rd place, Madelyn McDonald

Goats 79-89 pounds:  Remie Smith, 2nd and 3rd place: Izzy Taylor

Champion Wether Goat: Avery Turner; Reserve, Remie Smith

Boyle County Only Wether Goat Champion: Grant Holman; Reserve: Addie Cross

Dairy Goats

Junior Doe Show: 0-3 months:1st and 3rd  place, Jacob Graves, 2nd place: Josh Cornett

3-6 months: Josh Cornett, Jarrod Cornett, Lisa Light

Yearling Milker 12-24 months: Josh Cornett, Hunter Ross, Jacob Graves

Yearling Milker 12-24 months not in milk: Jacob Graves, Josh 

Cornett, Makayla Cornett

Junior Doe Champion, Josh Cornett; Reserve: Jacob Graves

Senior Doe Show: 2-3 years old: Josh Cornett,Jacob Graves, Jarrod Cornett

Over 3 years old: Jacob Graves, Makayla Cornett, Lisa Light

Senior Doe Champion, Josh Cornett; Reserve, Jacob Graves

Overall champion, Josh Cornett;Reserve,Jacob Graves

Open Wether dam

45-53 pounds: Bracie Smith, Breanna Downs, Caitlin Kreider

56-60 pounds: Addie Cross, Avery Holman, Bracie Smith

70-79 pounds: Avery Turner, Izzy Taylor, Remie Smith

141-148 pounds: Avery Turner, Jessica Johnson

Grand Champion, Avery Turner; Reserve, Izzy Taylor