Boyle County Fair Sheep Show Results

Published 12:58 pm Monday, July 3, 2017

The Boyle County sheep show results, listed in order of first, second and third place where applicable are:


Seniors: Taylor Graves, Charity Browning

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Intermediate: Wyatt Acey, Campbell Coyle, Caleb Kernodle

Juniors: Jayde Cantrell, Corbin Coyle, Joshua Kernodle

Novice: Ribbon only: Jacob Kernodle, Carter Creech, Ava May

Market lamb by weight

Novice Class: Jacob Kernodle, Carter Creech, Olivia Wilson

58-83 pounds: Comfort Gimba, Taylor Graves, Chloe Wagner

85-92 pounds: Charity Browning, 2nd and 3rd,Wyatt Acey 

95-107 pounds: Corbin Coyle, Charity Browning, Clark Coyle

108-134 pounds: Campbell Coyle, Clark Coyle, Jayde Cantrell

Champion: Campbell Coyl; Reserve, Clark Coyle

Boyle County Show: Campbell Coyle; Reserve, Clark Coyle

Open breeding classes

Ram lamb (less than 12 months old)

Hampshire:Corbin Coyle, Campbell Coyle

Southdown: Jayde Cantrell 

Suffolk: Dorothy Murphy

Other Breeds:  1st,  2nd and 3rd, Emily Sallee

Yearling ram (one year old and under 2 years old)

Hampshire: Clark Coyle

Other Breeds: 1st and 2nd, Haylee McClure

Champion Ram: Jayde Cantrell; Reserve: Emily Sallee

Yearling ewes (one year old and under 2 years old)

Dorset: 1st and 3rd, Haylee McClure, 2nd,  Jayden McAdoo

Hampshire: Campbell Coyle, Clark Coyle, Corbin Coyle

Southdown: 1st and 2nd, Jayde Cantrell

Other Breeds: Jayde Cantrell, Jayden McAdoo, Haylee McClure

Ewe lamb (less than 12 months old)

Hampshire: Campbell Coyle, 2nd and 3rd, Clark Coyle

Southdown: 1st and 2nd place, Jayde Cantrell, Julie Cantrell

Suffolk: Wyatt Acey, Dorothy Murphy

Other Breeds: 1st and 3rd,  Abigail Sallee, 2nd, Charity Browning

Champion and Reserve Ewe Lamb: Campbell Coyle 

Pen of two ram lambs

Hampshire: Corbin Coyle

Other Breeds:  Emily Sallee, Jayden McAdoo

Pen of two yearling rams

Other Breeds: Haylee McClure

Pen of two yearling ewes

Dorset: Haylee McClure

Hampshire: Campbell Coyle, Clark Coyle

Southdown: Jayde Cantrell

Other Breeds: Jayden McAdoo

Pen of two ewe lambs

Hampshire: Clark Coyle, Corbin Coyle

Southdown: Jayde Cantrell

Other Breeds: Abigail Sallee