Stop making excuses for wrecks

Published 6:07 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Editor,

The driver “overcorrected,” maybe because the driver of the black truck “may have” dropped off the edge of the road?

I am going to be blunt: THIS IS STUPID! Drivers and their passengers are being killed in Boyle County/Danville in a willy-nilly fashion. Some give 

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reasons: cell phones, the driver, or another driver, “may have” dropped off the side of the road, and “overcorrected.” This is not a good reason; it is more of an excuse.

Honestly, who cares if the driver overcorrected or not? Another driver was killed because this other driver is at fault.

The fact is — and all drivers should be aware of this: That machine you are in control of can be a “death machine.”

I would venture to say that if half the drivers in Danville/Boyle County didn’t have the privilege to drive, accidents would be just that — accidents. Fatal car wrecks would be far fewer because the half I mention would be off the road, and those allowed would pay attention to what they are doing.

Then money could be saved because there would be no need for political posturing and putting up more signs, making roads and streets “better” and the stupid would cease and desist, in large part.

Jeffrey L. King