Decades of change prompt switch in party affiliation

Published 8:05 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dear Editor,

Growing up in Kentucky, my entire family was made up of Democrats. In fact, virtually everyone we knew shared that party affiliation. There were times when no Republicans even ventured out to run in our local city and county elections.

All of that began to change in the past couple of decades. Issues that once held people in good stead were now shifting to liberal “progressive” thinking. The moral fiber that brought many of us through the horror of World War II and Korea was beginning to falter. Biblical teachings were being modified to the point that some were hardly recognizable. What had always been right behavior was now questioned. What had been considered wrong was vastly diluted, taken to be up to one’s own interpretation.

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Today, our political environment has deteriorated. It has become little more than name calling, back biting and excuses for inaction, all too often from both sides. The progress vital to American households simply wilts on the vine as attacks appear daily on the ever present news.

Then there are those issues once considered taboo in society: living together outside of marriage, babies out of wedlock, abortion outside of any rational medical need, same sex unions outside of God’s teachings and spirituality outside our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles.

Taken as a whole, acceptance of these concerns lies to the greatest extent with my old party. They are far afield from my early years in church, our public schools and in general, the beliefs of both parties in my youth and throughout my 60 years in business. A transformation of this magnitude that has plagued my personal Christianity finally welled up inside me to the point no other recourse was left to ease my conscience.

That was when I found comfort in changing my party affiliation to Republican.

This change may not be a watershed in terms of Boyle County’s thousands. But it is a start. Please consider all these issues, fought for in war and peacetime by so many who hold  Christ first, then family, then America so close to our hearts.

George Cunningham