Trump doesn’t fit liberals’ molds for being ‘presidential’

Published 8:06 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dear Editor,

Trump’s critics relish saying he not “presidential.” Set aside the Constitution, which is silent on the temperament, personality, tax returns, educational attainment and opposition party approval of either a candidate or the winner of the Electoral College, and operationalize the term.

How about: all presidents must be a stuffed-shirted, arrogant, pseudo-academic, cooler than Chicago, and “down” with the cause at Martha’s Vineyard.

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Or: All presidents must smoke cigars, play the saxophone on late-night TV, and have throngs of girls in thongs mooning over them.

Or: All presidents must be spineless donkeys who want to destroy rational thought and the First Amendment.

Trump’s not a Marxist and that’s why the Mediacrats hate him. But, he’s the president and it’s time the Marxist accepted reality: America doesn’t want Communism, globalism, or any more leftist, elitist, social-engineering, wealth-redistributing BS. It doesn’t want the milquetoast, witless, blathering Republicans either.

Just to be clear, I’m a symphony-loving heterosexual female who thinks it’s great to have an alpha male at the helm of state after eight years of … whatever that insanity was. Trump isn’t “vulgar.” He’s just a guy. God bless ‘im!

Jenean McBrearty