Choosing to manage our time wisely

Published 8:42 am Monday, July 17, 2017

Living on purpose

By Billy Holland

In this modern world in which we live, the access of information is becoming an addiction. For many people, technology is emotionally stimulating entertainment and as it continues to advance we wonder if the intent is to influence us within this evolution of pleasure enhancement. It’s amazing to consider that only 70 years ago the concept of computers controlling the masses seemed more like science fiction but now it has become a reality. Who would have dreamed that in this short period of time that most everyone would be connected to a world-wide information system and what a significant part it would play in our everyday lives?

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We realize that technology is helping us in many different ways but we also consider that possibly we are also being drawn into a dimension that is having a negative effect on our mind and spirit. Take smart-phones for instance, they are literally becoming a part of us. Since we are moving away from practical problem solving and personal human interaction, I can only imagine how the masses would react or even survive if service was lost and everything was turned off.

I’m not saying the old days were necessarily better and they certainly were not easier but from a spiritual perspective I believe there was more of an awareness to connect with God, our thoughts and each other. Yesterday’s world was less chaotic which allowed the brain to rest and be open to meaningful conversation along with being more creative, but today we are so bombarded with information we have become full-time communication managers. Another question I have is whether or not this ability to access more information is actually making us smarter or less intelligent? Human nature loves indulgence and rarely has the discipline to know when enough is enough. Rationing our time of being mesmerized with social media, games, and television would be an improvement but if you notice the off switch is usually not pushed until we can no longer hold our eyes open. So why are we so drawn into this cyber world? One reason is because it’s a way to escape from this one. Sadly, many people are not happy in the realm they live in. In fact, some do not enjoy those around them or even themselves so spending as much time as possible in an alternative environment provides the perfect distraction and allows them to escape reality. 

Let us at least contemplate that spending hours each day on the web, playing video games, texting, calling, tweeting and watching television can divert us from learning how to do fundamental problem solving. Our grandparents knew how to use a hammer and a wrench as they worked on their cars and their homes, grew their own food and figured out how to take care of basic problems. After a hard day’s work, they enjoyed a home-cooked meal together and then relaxed on the front porch talking with each other. Telephones were for emergencies and occasional greetings instead of an obsessive compulsion. People were not afraid of silence because they had peace in their souls. They were not as stressed or rushed and looked forward to simple events like taking Sunday afternoon drives out in the country just to be together.

As a Christian, it’s always wise to daily inspect and examine our conscience. We do not have to be a part of the world’s system of stress or feel like we are being coerced into a certain way of living. We have the choice and responsibility to lay the phones down and turn off the machines that steal our time. I have often wondered how God feels when we spend all of our time with meaningless activity instead of investing our precious moments trying to hear His voice. Our most common complaint is that we do not have enough time but the truth is that we are poor time managers. Could it be that all these devices are being used against us as a way to distract us away from God and our true purpose in life? “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” Psalm 91:1.

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky where he is a Christian minister and author. Ask for a free copy of his new CD called, “Keeper of my soul” at: