From our files, July 15

Published 8:40 am Monday, July 17, 2017

100 YEARS AGO — 1917

Advertisement for Spoonamore’s Drug Store: Your child will make faster progress in his studies if you provide him with the necessary school supplies that every student should have. Those offered here are strictly in keeping with the modern method of teaching and are endorsed by the school board. This is the time for you to make your selection and we want you to arrange to bring your children to inspect the special display featured this week in our window. Remember this is the headquarters for everything for the school boy and girl. The store is located next to the courthouse. Phone number is 153.

A gentleman with the Q&C division of the Southern Railroad said that the King’s Mountain tunnel is to be materially shortened by cutting off both ends and leaving deep cuts. After this has been done, the tunnel will be widened enough to lay another track in it. This will take a mint of money to do, but management is determined to have a double track railroad from one end of it to another and no means will be spared in bringing about the desired end.

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The sale of the Taylor Livery Company on Main Street in Danville was a success. The all day sale drew one of the largest crowds ever in town who gathered at the barn on Main Street. A considerable number of horses were sold from $70 to $150. The Taylor Livery Company will now give their attention to the auto, bus and dray business. Many residents of this and adjoining counties have been having their horses cared for at this livery barn for many years and its closing will seem strange to them.

The roads leading to Danville are lined with wagons bringing in the crops of wheat. All the local dealers are quite busy and many train cars are shipped daily.

75 YEARS AGO — 1942

The Danville Garden Clubs annual Flower and Victory Vegetable exhibit was staged yesterday at the Hub Department Store. There were 171 arrangements of flowers and vegetables in the beautiful display.

It is rather disheartening to make the mid-month report in the drive on the sale of War Bonds and Stamps, for it runs away short of an average to make the July goal, which was set at $73,400 by the Treasury Department. Only $19,521 had been sold for the month. This is less than a third of the quota to be raised with only 15 more days to go.

Attention all women: Your help is urgently needed to complete Boyle County’s quota of 500,000 surgical dressings by January 1, 1943. Everyone who is to work must register at the Red Cross Office on West Walnut Street.

Officials of the local Selective Service Board has reported the case of a son, whose father is being drafted, volunteering to go with his father for Army duty. They said that Bosley Russell, 37, who lives on Stanford Avenue, would be drafted on July 31, and that his son, William Russell, of the same address, had volunteered for service and would leave the same date as his father.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

The Farmers National Bank of Danville has planned and started work on an expansion and renovation project that will cost about $250,000 and will make the 86-year-old institution the most beautiful banking facility in the south — officers, directors and stockholders hope. The design and furnishings will be Colonial and a computer will be installed in March of 1968. The expansion into the Lenard Jewelry Building and the small loan department space joining the bank on the east side will increase the customer and working space by one-third.

Postmaster Edwards stated today that for the duration of the nationwide railroad strike, no mail of the second, third and fourth class will be accepted for delivery beyond the second parcel post zone, which is about 150 miles. However, these classes may be mailed to other zones when postage is paid at first class or air mail rates.

She’s just a little 5-year-old girl and she was so happy when she got a Sting Ray juvenile bike for her birthday. It was blue, with a white basket, pink flowers and training wheels. But, unless the pangs of conscience mellow somebody, Tina Lee Carter will not get to ride her bike anymore because it was stolen from the carport at her home on Harding Street.

25 YEARS AGO — 1992

Boyle County Fiscal Court came under fire from citizens and city commissioners over its rejection of a $6.65 million regional park plan proposed by the Recreation Board. “Our kids deserve to swim in something better than a creek hole,” said Joe Brummett. “Facilities for picnics, ball games and other activities are overcrowded,” said Carol Sargent.

The soaring cost of housing prisoners has prompted Garrard County officials to look at home incarceration as a cheaper alternative to jail. Judge-Executive Ray Hammonds said jail costs have more than doubled in the last five years from $65,000 in 1987-88 to $143,000 last fiscal year. And that’s for a county that doesn’t even have a jail. Garrard County pay $22 a day for each prisoner it houses at the Lincoln County Regional Jail.

Over the vigorous protests of one of the developers, a request to rezone property next to Old Bridge has been sent by Boyle County Fiscal Court back to Planning and Zoning for “reconsideration.” At issue is a request by Old Bridge developers to rezone a tract off Wells Landing Road from agricultural-residential to single-family residential. The developers plan to build 17 houses on lots of at least 1 acre each.