Glad to have Cunningham in Republican Party

Published 9:14 am Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Editor, On July 13, a letter to the editor from George Cunningham appeared in this newspaper. In it, he outlined his reasons for recently changing his long-standing political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. His modesty prevented him from telling the rest of the story.

Mr. Cunningham is, and has been, an active contributor to our local governmental processes, serving as a commissioner on our city council. The entrance to Millennium Park is named in his honor. He has contributed in many unrecognized ways, participating in many civic organizations, in his church and in unheralded behind-the-scenes support of the young people in our county.

Few people can truly say they have been as active in contributing to our community as Mr. Cunningham. He is an upstanding member of our community and a local asset beyond measure.

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As a member of the Republican Party, I would like to welcome George to our family. I know he will bring a lifetime of community service and business experience from which we can all learn. His dedication to God, family, and those time-tested values that have helped make this country a shining light of freedom and hope for the entire world are invaluable qualities that we can all look up to and benefit through his example.

He has lived the values that have traditionally brought this country together; those that the Republican Party is working hard to promote and strengthen. We are sure that George and others like him can help us reach across the aisle and reconnect through those values that both parties have shared until recently.

If you also feel disconnected from your current party affiliation we invite you to join George and the rest of your local Republican Party. We are a party that is welcoming to everyone, that is working to make this country great again, that honors and cherishes the Judeo-Christian values this country was founded on. Please come and join our monthly Republican Party meetings.

We would be glad to have you.

Steve Knight

Secretary, Boyle County Republican Party