U.S. caught in Russia’s web

Published 12:55 pm Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dear Editor,

It is now apparent to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that Russia is intent on taking over the United States and that the Trump administration is aiding and abetting them in their efforts.

Have you ever seen a spider capture and then paralyze and kill a much larger insect? It encircles the prey with thin gossamer webbing, spinning it around and around the larger creature until, at some point; it can no longer move or resist the spider. The spider then injects its venom thereby paralyzing its victim. It settles down to insert its hollow fangs and then proceeds to suck the juices and the life out of the much larger insect.

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Russia is the spider and we are deep into the circling round and round process while Trump and his administration are doing their best to keep America from realizing exactly what is happening. At some point we will no longer be able to resist.

That will happen when their electronic intrusion and cyber-hacking activities paralyze the nerve centers of our utilities, communications and transportation facilities and functionaries.

The next step will be the murder of our democracy and our treasured institutions — equal justice under the law, the vote, the Bill of Rights, and every legal provision that protects the individual citizen from the power of an authoritarian government. It gives me no pleasure to write these words but every day that passes and every crazed tweet and pronouncement from our pathetic excuse for a president convinces me that I am right.

Jim Porter