Give the city the money

Published 10:54 am Saturday, July 29, 2017

We are taught at a young age to play by the rules. Although as we get older, we learn life is not always played by the rules, nonetheless, it’s a worthy goal. This lesson comes to mind when considering the fiscal court withholding 911 funds from the city. It seems our county judge-executive has forgotten this lesson, or worse he never learned it.

This past week the mayor, city manager and commission, along with most of the magistrates from fiscal court came together and in one voice said no to the Boyle County Industrial Foundation having majority control of the new Economic Development Partnership board. Working as a team, they took our economic community back and changed its trajectory. Now, it seems the county judge-executive is reveling in throwing a wrench into community unity.

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It’s reminiscent of a bunch of children fighting over candy, not adults elected to represent adults.

What is the county judge’s reasoning? It seems there is a concern that the money will not be used for what it is intended. Well obviously, his holding on to it is insuring it is not be used for what it is intended. And where does he receive the moral high ground to make such judgment? What examples has he provided?

Wasn’t it a violation of protocol to allow a county-owned building to be named after someone by the renters of that building? Isn’t that a job of the magistrates? Perhaps hesitation can be understood when that building is named after one’s self but is it playing by the rules?

Sometimes people are in a position so long they begin to feel they own that position. We don’t need to be told, but it’s good at times to be reminded that when we point, we have three fingers pointing right back at us. This is true in the world of both children and adults. Bullying doesn’t always end with age, some carry that ugly disease with them the rest of their lives.

We may not always like the rules but shouldn’t we try and play by them? Do what’s right because it is right. We are adults. Give the city the money.

Randy Gip Graham