Yards and yards of sales

Published 8:35 am Friday, August 4, 2017

On Thursday, Carolyn Overstreet, set out a yard sale in front of an old building where she normally sells Memorial Day wreaths and flowers, on U.S. 127 near her home outside of Liberty. Overstreet is one of thousands of yard sale vendors set up for what is known as The World’s Largest Yard Sale this weekend. The U.S. 127 Yard Sale spans 690 miles from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. The sale began Thursday and runs through Sunday. Shoppers and travelers are reminded to use caution while driving on U.S. 127 and to watch for slowing traffic and drivers making unexpected turns.

Overstreet is selling canning jars for $3 a dozen.

A fancy doll sits at the end of table full of knick knacks.