Property transfers, Aug. 12

Published 8:24 am Monday, August 14, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Bruce L. and Donna Helm and David L. and Janet C. Reynolds to William and Lindsey Baker, property on Second Street, Perryville, $55,500.

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Joshua D. and Lauren Pingleton to Eric A. Kenoyer, property in Riverview Estates, $192,500.

Brian S. and Nikki Sawyer to Hannah R. Raines, property in Hillcrest subdivision, $85,000.

Dwayne L. Brown and Kelly R. Tagarook-Brown to Heather M. Caldwell, property in Boyle County, $140,000.

Robert and Mary Burger to Jeffrey and April Oakes, property on North Third Street, $178,500.

John E. Key to Brandon M. and Shannon N. Wiles, 32.38 acres in Boyle County, $122,655.

Barbara and David E. Ellis to Brandon G. Sheene, property on Ky. 1076, $40,000.

John C. and Kathy K. Hignight and Jonathan M. and Allison Doty to Ephraim McDowell Health Inc., property on Daniel Drive, $500,000.

Daniel J. and Jennifer Kirchner to Ben and Diana Lykins, property on Spears Lane, $354,500.

Glenn A. Jones to Donnie R. and Debbie K. Worthington, property on Perryville Road, $29,000.

Mary E. Snyder to Heather R. West, property on Cemetery Street, Junction City, $84,000.

Patrick C. and Diana L. Caldwell to JC Caldwell Farm LLC, three tracts in Boyle County, their interest in property in Boyle County, property transfer, no value listed.

Robert I. and Marion L. Caldwell to JC Caldwell Farm LLC, their interest in property on Parksville Road; property transfer.

Elizabeth C. and Ronald S. Stamps to JC Caldwell Farm LLC, their interest in property in Boyle County, property transfer.

Richard A. and Mary K. Caldwell to JC Caldwell Farm LLC, their interest in property in Boyle County, property transfer.

William L. and Gwenn Caldwell to JC Caldwell Farm LLC, their interest in property in Boyle County.

Mariam Kubale to Eric P. and Caressa M. Coots, 9.326 acres on Ky. 52, $285,000.

Keith E. and Connie G. Smith to Anthony and Sharlene Aloise, 10 acres in Boyle County, $340,000.

James A. and Julie A. Schreiner to Robert A. and Halee D. Coleman, five acres on Goggin Road, $175,000.

Dorothy M. Green to Sandra L. and Edward Jonathan Waters, property on West Broadway, $99,400.

James and Christy Durham to Danny L. and Tamara E. Parrett, property on Herrington Lake, $187,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC and Shirley J. Lewis, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to David and Dawn Camic, $58,000.

Uneida G. Johnson to Lauren Oakland, property on Boyd Avenue, $73,000.

June Carey to James M. and Aubree Lapp, 4.6 acres on Ky. 34, $154,500.

Marian H. Larson to Timothy Biebel, property in Southgate subdivision, $115,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jamie L. Baker, property on East Walnut Street, $47,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Bradford and Amanda S. Hamilton to John K. and Angela G. Brown, property on Ashley Drive, $21,000.

The Denson Group LLC to Justin L. and Megan J. Denson, property on Phillips Street, $35,000.

John E. and Mary J. Schrock to Joseph W. and Edna A. Swartzentruber, two parcels on Ky. 501, $160,000.

Monticello Banking Company to Audrianna J. Pennington, property on Ky. 70, $60,000.

Jerry L. and Kathy W. Zachary to Byron S. and Lacey O. Edwards, property on Butcher Street, $83,500.

Ky. Catering LLC, through Laura A. Hebrock to Mary C. Hatfield, property on Hatfield Road, $2,000.

Royce and Nancy Dixon to Vickie L. and Calvin Davis Jr., property on Ky. 80, $32,000.

Anthony H. Wolford to Everett C. Woodrum, tract on Ky. 70, Clementsville, $3,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Freda M. Pendleton, as trustee of the Billy S. Pendleton Trust and Freda M. Pendleton Trust, to Woodie Leavell, two tracts on U.S. 27, $350,000.

David D. and Deanna K. Turner to Amber K and Austin J. Napier, 1.167 acres in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.

William C. Goold to David and Vickie Canaday, property on River Run Drive, $300,000.

Billy and Linda M. Conner to Timothy A. and Leanna D. Miller, property on Buckeye Road and property on Teatersville Road, $140,000.

Bessie Raines Falb to Chad and Autumn Lane, property in Garrard County, $12,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Kentucky Housing Corporation, Mayme Barron, Jean Denny, Wanda Mullins, Delbert Perry, Freddie Perry, Michael Perry, heirs at law of Francis Geneva Perry and Jerry Perry, Fred Barron, Sharon Perry, Melissa Perry, Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC, and Citizens Guaranty Bank, through Edward G. May, master commissione, to Kentucky Housing Corporation, two tracts on Ky. 1781 containing 0.625 of an acre, $36,000.

Carl E. and Pennie Robbins to Lisa Shelton, lot 1D of Wilderness Estates Multi-Family Housing, Phase 2, located on Old Fort Road, Stanford, $117,000.

Rosemary Gaeta, formerly known as Rosemary Lucciola, and Ronald J. Gaeta to Matthew J. Lucciola, tract 7 of Chrisman Farms, containing 3.413 acres, located off Deer Chase, gift; fair cash value, $18,500.

Harold G. and Dawn Sesco Robbins to John Mark and Sheila Charlene Robbins, 17.966 acres off Shake Rag Road, gift; fair cash value, $54,000.

Hobert and Barbara Sue Mason to Jeremy Daniel Mason, 20.077 acres on Ky. 1247 Loop #3, $72,000.

Carrol E. Estes, as trustee of the Lucille Estes Irrevocable Trust, to Carrol E. Estes, 25 acres in Lincoln County, $70,900.

Jonathan Patrick Adams to Samuel and Leidy Brock, lot No. 4, Unit 5, Block E, Dix River Estates Subdivision, $98,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Vanessa H. and Brett Welty to Charles and Megan Yeast, property on Haddix Street, $110,500.

Joshua and Halie Wilson to William I. and Tracy Linville, 5.38 acres in Mercer County, $218,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Virginia Sue Stratton, property on Mackville Road, $59,900.

David Maggard to Joshua S. and Alyssa P. Brown, 29.89 acres in Mercer County, $55,000.

Cecil L. and Mary Bartleson to Mary A. Bartleson, property in Burgin, gift; fair cash value, $75,000.

Lewis and Darren Jones to Chester and Linda Maggard, property in Rainey Estates, $11,000.

Dora B. Carpenter to Jonathan and Tonya Barnard, property in Mercer County, $380,000.

Coby and Brittany Morris to William T. Phillips II and Callie B. Phillips, property on Agee Street, $146,500.

Lee C. Russell to Albert J. DeGiacomo, property in Oak Knoll Subdivision, $155,000.

Ronda and Charles Devine to Kevin G. and Jamie L. Burdine, property on Lakeland Drive, $181,000.

Community Trust Bank Inc. to Danny and Linda Cates, property on Pope Avenue, $132,000.

Michael and Brittany N. McKinney-Brown to Michael M. and Abby C. Jones, 1.45 acres on Tewmey Lane, $182,000.

Beverly and Jackie Lamb to Harold D. and Helen F. Baker, property on North Main Street, $1,000.

AFI 003, LLC to Stephen L. and Dera T. Elliott and Jessica M, and Stephen L. Elliott Jr., 11.028 acres in Mercer County, $115,000.

Ella Louise and Waddill P. Woolums to Joseph M. and Betty A. Sanders, about 20 acres on Kirkwood Road, $100,000.

Ben Sherman McMichael Sr., through Lisa L. Wellings, to Ashley N. McMichael, property in Castle Heights subdivision, $115,000.

Samantha Derringer to Landon and Tracee E. Humble, property on Beaumont Avenue, $132,000.

Omega Currens to Jason K. Currens, property on Davenport Lane, $225,000.

David R. and Kristin Watts to Casey R. and Courtney J .Watts, property on the Lexington and Perryville Turnpike, gift; fair market value, $285,799.

Tiffany Shewmaker to Andrew S. Shewmaker, property in Anderson subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $68,280.

Glenn K. and Marsha C. Hurst to Stephen and Elizabeth Brogli, property on North College Street, $185,000.

William M. and Christi Miles and Joe D. and Terri Gerlach to Stuart and Janice Martt, property in Cherokee Heights II, $275,000.

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, Lin S. Oglesby and Steven W. Oglesby, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Broad Street Funding Trust 1, property on North College Street, $175,000.

Patricia Carrier, individually and as executrix of the Anna Julia Sallee estate, to Matthew and Kimberly McGrath, property at the intersection of Belmont and Magnolia streets, $21,000.