Property transfers, Aug. 19

Published 4:04 pm Monday, August 21, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Rick and Elizabeth Cole to Darin and Christy Heath, two tracts on Kentucky Avenue, Junction City, $20,000.

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Keith and Vicki Darnell to Gustavo and Crystal Carballal, property on West Broadway, $350,000.

Rick and Elizabeth Cole to Luis A. and Cheryl Inestroza, property on Lucas Street, Junction City.

Matthew C. Jacobs to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., property on Albany Circle, deed in lieu of foreclosure; fair cash value, $38,324.

Mary Lou Garland to Patricia Wright, property on Argyll Woods Drive, $95,000.

Michael C. and Sheryl A. Voigts to Ruby J. Willis, property on Springhill Road, $185,000.

Daniel A. and Alicia King to Charles H. Brewer, 3.039 acres on White Oak Road, $147,500.

Bluegrass Community Bank, estate of David N. Collier, Troy S. Collier and Daphne A. Collier, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Bluegrass Community Bank Inc., property on Hustonville Road, $180,000.

Christopher and Loren Bostick to Bruce and Shelley Richardson, property on Patrick Henry Court, $350,000.

Cynthia J. Baeker to Zachary R. and Catherine F. Baeker, property in Williamsburg Village, $60,000.

Barry M. and Patsy K. Harmon to Nuan Li, property on Cavalcade Drive, $250,000.

Margaret E. and James T. Wilburn Jr. to Eric D. and Tracee D. Hall,    property on Cemetery Street, Junction City, $124,500.

Brian and Stephanie C. Osterman to Mark A. Tibbles, property in Indian Hills subdivision, $112,000.

John S. and Janet D. Aumiller to Bright Leaf Properties LLC, property at corner of Fourth and Dillehay streets, $285,000.

Flagstar Bank and Jacob A. Harrell, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Kendall and Sonja McCane, property on Jacob Drive, $79,000.

Bluegrass Community Bank Inc. to POA Properties LLC, property on Hustonville Road, $205,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Michael W. and Polly Whited to Larry “Tommy” and Bobbie Vest, property on Ky. 70, $68,000.

Ammon W. and Eva G. Weaver to Gregory L. and Angela G. Martin, 4.39 acres on Chestnut Level  Level-Athens Road, $18,150.

Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers to Robert J. and Lorri Beth Vaught, 17.38 acres on Ky. 70, $49,000.

Joshua P. Wesley and Junetta L. and Michael West to Enrique M. and Ofelia Ramos, property on Rodgers Road, $55,000.

Eleanor F. Lopschutz to John and Donna Rigney, three parcels at intersection of Ky. 1547 and Ky. 1615, $110,330.

Jordan G. Meece to Meece Corp. Inc., Inc., his one-half interest in about one acre in Casey County, property transfer and assumption of indebtedness due to Casey County Bank, original principal amount, $132,175; fair cash value, $200,000.

Beulah Snow to Robert Franklin, tract on Snow Road, gift; fair cash value, $25,000.

Nancy and Val C. Randolph Jr. to Jerry D. Randolph, one-half interest in two tracts in Liberty; fair cash value, $6,000.

Nancy and Val C. Randolph Jr. to Jerry D. Randolph, one-half interest in tract at junction of Wall and Smith streets, gift; fair cash value, $8,000.

Nancy and Val C. Randolph Jr. to Jerry D. Randolph, one-half interest in property on Green River, gift; fair cash value, $28,000.

Nancy and Val C. Randolph Jr. to Jerry D. Randolph, one-half interest in property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.

Nancy and Val C. Randolph Jr. to Jerry D. Randolph, one-half interest in property on Water Tower Hill Road, gift; fair cash value, $25,000.

Michael L. and Jeri L Wethington, Marshall E. Wethington, Shirley M. and Robert C. Wiburn and Barbara S. Wirjes to Kenneth D. and Victoria A. Smith, tract on Ky. 1640, $75,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Larry E. Eversole to Anthony and Doris Robinson, property on Copper Creek Road, $32,000.

Rosa Lee Lawson, Jesse B. and Owen B. Charboneau, Thomas Eudaly and Anne Tuten, Teresa L. Rhoades and Rosemarie F. Palmer, to Rosa Lee Lawson, property on Doty Lane, settlement of John Doty estate, $180,000.

William K. and Ann E. Teater and Arthur Teater to Felix J. Johnson, property on Buckeye Pike, $275,000.

Bruce and Linda McMillian to Albert D. Sodman Jr. and Angela D. Sodman, gift; fair cash value, $30,000.

John M. and Sherianne S. Shuey to Jeremy S. Tully and Julee Banks, property on Settlement Drive, $182,500.

Amanda and Ryan Lawrence and Douglas and Wanda King to Ronald and Michelle Elliott, property on Fall Lick Road, $87,500.

Barbara French to Nina A. and Daniel Lyons, property on Maplewood Drive, $133,000.

Floyd Carr Jr. to Floyd Carr Sr., property in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $149,000.

Mark White to David and Evelyn White, property on Miles Drive, $47,386.

Amy L. Newman to Oberman Construction Inc., property in Cades Cove, $8,500.

Rosa Lee Lawson to Bruce A. and Teresa L. Potter, property on Doty Lane, $185,000.

Elizabeth and Joseph Clark to Howard E. and Jamie L. Johnson, property in Dayridge subdivision, $144,900.

Deer Run Development Inc. to Mike Asberry, two lots in Deer Run subdivision, $17,000.

Paul T. and Nerva Dailey to Charles E. and Margaret J. Burton, property in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

Jeffrey N. and Teresa J. Smith to Ralph C. and Lori A. Robinson, property in Colts Run, $175,000.

Mark A. and Sandra L. Williams to Ryan and Samantha Weingeroff, property on Scenic View Drive, $150,000.

Bryan Moberly, as administrator of the Darrell Moberly estate  to Donna and Hughie Allen, property in Davis Heights subdivision, $47,000.

Tammey Sue Carter to Gregory Wills, property on Dogwood Drive, $125,000.

Ryan L. and Samantha Weingeroff to Heather Michelle Bullock, property on Lexington Road, $126,500.

Earnest L. and Brenda G. Kidd to Anthony L. and Danica L. Kidd, property in Garrard County, gift; fair market value, $10,000.

Leroy Davis to James Brooks Sims, property on Buckeye Road, $55,500.

Scott B. and Ladonna Smith to Jessica L. and Jeremy W. Abell, property in West Berea Estates, $163,500.

Bryant A. and Alicia Massingale to Jared Ingram and Tiffany Richard, seven lots in Camp Kennedy subdivision, $125,000.

Bryantsville United Methodist Church Inc. to Robin M. Scott, tract in Garrard County, $800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Jonathan Patrick Adams to Samuel and Leidy Brock, lot No. 4, Unit 5, Block E, Dix River Estates Subdivision, $98,000.

Robyn Blackburn, formerly known as Robyn Wilson, and Gregory L. Blackburn to Justin and Brittany Hager, lot No. 14, Phase 6B, Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $120,000.

Carolyn Davis to Anthony Davis, property on Martin Luther King Street, Stanford, property transfer; fair market, $25,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Michael Moore and Jessica Moore, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 0.333 acre on Sowder Street, Stanford, $52,600.

Brian Collins to Lisa D. Ferrell and Billy G. Lamb, property on Powell Street, $66,100.

Jo Ann Fitzpatrick to Amber and Jeremy Conkwright, 1.12 acres on U.S. 27 South, $82,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Banks Properties, LLC, lot No. 12, Goshen Subdivision, Phase 3, $55,100.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tim Brown, 1.881 acres on Ky. 1770, Crab Orchard, $40,001.

Michael Singleton to Stephen R. and Mitzi L. Wardle, three tracts on Carter School Road, $134,500.

Carl D. Watts to Edwin L. and Vicky A. Parker, 2.536 acres near Carter School Road, in Lincoln and Casey Counties, $18,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg LLC to Patricia K. Johnson, property on Magnolia Avenue, $42,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to William A. Stevens and WRH Investments LLC, property on Dory Drive, Salvisa, $152,775.

Clarence W. and Belinda G. Headen to David B. Hudson and Jessica L. West, property on Kirkwood Road, Salvisa, $162,900.

Brittany and Josh Findley to Patricia L. and John K. Taylor, two properties on Louisville Road, $12,000 each.

Joe Adams to Rhonda L. Buntain, property on Warwick Road, $3,000.

James E. and Gwendolyn R. Reed to  Chris M. McCarty and Sheri A. Keeling, property on Norman’s Camp Road, $199,900.

Mark D. and Deanaray S. Centers to Doug Hampton, property on Palisades Road, $45,000.

Live Well Financial Inc. to Kathryn M. Tierney, 1.5 acres on Central Pike, $35,000.

Charles O. Collins to Clarence W. and Belinda G. Headen, property in Alexander Heights, $155,000.

Samuel D. and Penny P. Van to Gaetano S. and Mary C. Gandolfo, property on Hardin Heights, $200,000.

Karen Thompson to Matthew A. Koos, property on Cummins Drive, gift; fair cash value, $17,000.

Roger and Melissa Davis to Andrew J. Miner, parcel on West Broadway, $33,000.

Aubrey R. Blevins to Darryl and Glenna Blevins, three tracts containing 2.44 acres in Sunset Shores subdivision, gift; fair market value, $160.

Kevin Hatfield to Daniel and Regina Sommers, 4.16 acres in Mercer County, $13,000.

John A. Preston III and Frank Preston, individually and as co-executors of the John A. Preston estate, and Linda T. Preston and Connie J. Preston to John A. Preston III and Frank Preston, 5.996 acres in Mercer County, property transfer; fair cash value, $200,000.

Carl E. and Marlene Vanarsdall and Laverne K. and Stephen C. Morris to Richard P. and Stephanie M. Vanarsdall, property on Forsythe Road, $20,000.

Jennifer and Shane Russell to Michelle and Brian Hassall, property in Green Acres subdivision, $105,000.

Michelle and Brian Hassall to James E. and Elizabeth E. Darland, property on Ky. 33, Burgin, $175,000.

Dorothy E. Price, for the estate of Martha Settles, to Seth Parker Royalty, .409 of an acre on Bonta Lane, $26,950.

Roger Lester individually and as executor of the Pirlia Mae Lester estate, to Roger Lester, two parcels on Mackville Road, gift; fair cash value, $110,000.

Lori J. and Ricky Goff to the estate of Bradley E. Hill, property on Talmage Road, property transfer; fair market value, $122,000.