Trump giving ‘middle finger’ to environment

Published 8:42 am Monday, August 28, 2017

Dear Editor,

The relaxation and elimination of environmental rules and regulations is what scares me the most about this corrupt administration. They are moving ahead at full speed to eliminate EPA regulations that have produced clean air and water for our country for a generation. They want to sell off the national monuments established by President Obama.  

They want to allow and encourage drilling, mining, and fracking in the nation’s national parks, and they want to give the big oil, gas and coal companies free rein to pollute whenever and wherever they desire. 

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It is no accident that the first section of “Trump’s wall” is slated to be built right across the middle of a 2,000-acre nature preserve in Texas. This amounts to a big middle finger salute to the nation’s environmental community. 

The day-to-day atrocities and idiotic statements made by Trump are just a distraction. This is the true agenda of Trump and his supporters and it is moving ahead at warp speed. The Koch brothers and the Mercer family and all the other billionaires who own this country are now in command and the rest of us who have depended on the various agencies of the federal government to protect our interests have little or no recourse to the disaster that is the Trump administration!

Jim Porter