Harrodsburg First sponsors Harrodsburg’s Kindness Rock Project

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017


News release

HARRODSBURG — Harrodsburg First will join more than 17,000 other people who feel the world can use a little more kindness by sponsoring the Kindness Rock Project.    

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“It seems like every time we turn on our news sources, it’s another story about hostility or devastation in the world.  I decided that this project is perfect to spread a little kindness and bring a bright spot to someone’s day,” said Julie Wagner, executive director of Harrodsburg First, the town’s Main Street Program. 

The Kindness Rock Project’s website says, “One message at just the right time can change someone’s entire life, day or their outlook.”  The project started with a simple, painted rock.  Over the past two years, it has grown to a full blown movement, bringing messages of hope across the globe.        

“We’ve ordered 60 pounds of river rock, 3” to 5” each which will be made available starting today (Wednesday, Aug. 30) and are free. To get your rock, stop by our office at 120 S. Main St. in the Arts Council Gallery on Main and pick up your rock.  If you don’t have access to paints, you can paint them on the spot in the Arts Council.” 

Rocks are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Anyone can get in on this project. Simply paint an inspirational message or a positive image on rocks and randomly leave them across the community for others to find.

“Don’t leave your rocks someplace where they might be run over by a lawnmower or in an obscured spot where a person might trip or stumble. Also keep them lower to the ground. Don’t stick them somewhere where people have to climb or reach to get them. Be creative but be careful,” Wagner says. 

Wagner explains, “We hope that the messages on the rocks are optimistic and hopeful meant to bring joy.  Once you’ve painted your rock and placed it somewhere in the downtown area, you can use your smartphone and plot your rock’s location.”   

Harrodsburg residents are urged to start watching for rocks while on your walks and bring your kids downtown for a rock exploration day.

“Make a day of it by visiting Fort Harrod with your children, grabbing lunch at one of our downtown eateries and see how many rocks you can find,” says Wagner.

To learn more about the movement or to register your rock’s location, log onto: thekindnessrocksproject.com/home or read more online about the project’s origin at capecodlife.com/cape-cod-kindness-rocks-project.

Post photos of you or your kids rocks on Harrodsburg First’s Facebook page at facebook.com/HarrodsburgFirst

Ideas and photos of other painted rocks are available at michaels.com/rockchallenge or by searching Pinterest.