Judge-executive plays by his own rules

Published 11:48 am Thursday, August 31, 2017

“People do what you inspect not what you expect.” Never was this statement more relevant than in the world of politics. We are told to follow the money because experience shows most things come back to money. It’s also true of power.  Power and money are two things we should always follow because both are things people don’t like to give up. And they will find all types of avenues, rules and new definitions to keep both. We see this playing out in our recent 911 call service dispute between the city and county. And at its root is power and money.

However, it’s important a greater lesson isn’t lost in the confusion being authored by the Boyle Fiscal Court leadership. Because what’s best isn’t always right and isn’t that why we have rules?

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It seems our county judge-executive follows rules provided he authors them. And what a beautiful politically charged image he’s painted of a little boy taking his football and running home. In this case the football is $700,000 which seems for all practical purposes belongs to the city. His home is Bluegrass 911. Perhaps if a Republican governor hadn’t been elected our county judge-executive would’ve already retired and we’d be spared this example of leadership, however it provides a teachable moment.

Why now? Wasn’t this issue addressed five years ago when the city requested work on the transfer of funds? Months ago, the city asked again for the funds and fiscal court voted to give it but apparently it didn’t fit into the rules our county judge-executive wanted to play by. Now it seems convenient to hide behind an opinion of a county treasurer. Enlightened leadership or lack thereof? Can’t some people be in a position so long they begin to feel they own it?

Could the thought of a state audit have motivated a move for action? The move might be logical in the long run but whose rules are we playing by?

The city’s call for the state auditor seems appropriate. Unfortunately, “some” people do what you inspect not what you expect.

Randy Gip Graham