Mitchellsburg convenience center to close for upgrade

Published 12:43 pm Friday, September 15, 2017

 The Mitchellsburg convenience center will be upgraded this fall, as others in Boyle County have been, with a new building that can serve as a storm shelter. But while other convenience centers were able to remain open in a reduced capacity during construction, the size of the Mitchellsburg center means it will have to close entirely.

That means people who usually take their recycling and trash to Mitchellsburg will have to travel elsewhere in the county.

“There is no way we can work on that center and operate that center — there’s just no room,” Boyle Solid Waste Coordinator Donna Fechter said. “So what we’re going to do is, since we have an operator that we have to put somewhere, we’re going to open up the Perryville center for six days a week. So the days it would be closed — on Tuesday and Wednesday — in Perryville, it will be open.”

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Boyle County Engineer Duane Campbell said county crews are currently finishing up a round of mowing, and construction of the center won’t begin until that task is completed — probably “around the first of October.”

Once construction begins, Campbell anticipates it will take six weeks to complete.

Boyle County Fiscal Court authorized spending $13,492.70 on the construction this week.

Judge-Executive Harold McKinney said the new Mitchellsburg center will be “exactly what we built” at three other convenience centers in Boyle County.

Magistrate Phil Sammons questioned if starting a six-week project in October would cause workers to run into bad weather late in the project. Campbell and Fechter said they don’t expect that will happen.

The Mitchellsburg Convenience Center operator has been explaining to customers about the upcoming closure so there won’t be any rude surprises, Fechter said.