Boyle County Fire plans to stay with Danville 911

Published 7:18 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Boyle County Fire Department is the first to take a stand on where they want their 911 calls to be dispatched from.

“We were asked by the judge what we wanted to do and for us to do what was best for us. We just felt like it was better that we stay here,” said Boyle County Fire Chief Donnie Sexton, who also sits on the board. “It was really that simple.”

The Boyle County Fire Board passed a resolution on Aug. 22 to continue using the Danville 911 Center, versus moving those services to the Bluegrass 911 Center. Six of the seven members of the board voted for the resolution. The remaining two members, Rusty Cox and Jill Arnold, were not present.

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Sexton said his department works closely with the Danville Fire Department. He also said the county fire department owns a radio tower that is used to relay messages from the 911 center for all the agencies.

“We basically just felt like it was better for us to be dispatched by somebody here in town than somebody in another county. We just felt like it was a better decision for us and the board did too,” he said. “The board felt strongly that was just a better decision for us to stay with the local dispatch center.”

“Danville’s been really good to us. We work really hard with the Danville fire and police departments. They’re good people to work with.”

Other agencies have not made a public statement regarding dispatch services. The Perryville City Council formed a committee earlier this month to review the two options and determine what was best for their police and fire departments. The Junction City Council heard from the Danville 911 Center Director Rebecca Hafley last week and said they will review the proposed contract from the agency before making decisions regarding their agencies.