From Our Schools: ‘Star Staff’ recipient: Patricia Calvert

Published 12:18 pm Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Danville High School
Here at Danville High School we appreciate everything about our school—and a large part of that is our staff.  As a student at Danville High School, I have found that the Danville Faculty is great to each other and to their students. This edition of The Log’s “Star Staff” recipient is Patricia Calvert, a teacher who cares, plans ahead, and makes sure students get what they need in each lesson.
Mrs. Calvert, a University of Kentucky graduate with an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Master’s in Education, teaches Biology, AP Biology, and General Chemistry.  At first, she didn’t know what she wanted to teach, but when she got into biology she knew that that would be a great fit.
She is a great example of an outstanding teacher–successful and diligent in her undertakings. “I want my students to be successful in my class, and hopefully that will be one small step toward reaching their goals, “said Calvert. “ I realize not every student wants to go to college to major in biology, but success in school can be really important for LOTS of careers down the road.”  It is amazing to see a teacher who wants their students to be successful no matter how they do it.
In Mrs. Calvert’s estimation, her greatest accomplishment has been her National Board Certification, but her classroom isn’t the only place she spends her time; she can be found on the athletic field, vigorously shaking her Spirit Stick to cheer on the Admirals, or in the hallway complimenting students and teachers to bring a smile to their face.
When asked the one word she would use to describe herself, “Enthusiastic!” was her reply—and it’s easy to see why.  DHS gives a shout out to Patricia Calvert for being one of the best role models anyone could ask for…True Star Staff material!

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