Police blotter from Sept. 16, 17

Published 8:56 am Thursday, September 21, 2017

Editor’s note: Taken from the Danville 911 records, the Police Blotter represents a history of the initial calls and the information used by the dispatcher to send officers to investigate complaints. It is not necessarily an indication of what the officer found upon arrival at the scene, or of how police may have dealt with the complaint.


12 a.m., officer out with a vehicle at  Burger King and is explaining to the occupants the open containers of alcohol law.

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12:10 a.m., caller at the hospital wants to report that her husband has stolen her phone.

12:39 a.m., an intoxicated male is walking in the middle of Swope Drive; arrest made.

1:01 a.m., vehicle stop on Daniel Drive and the bypass; arrest made.

1:44 a.m., vehicle stop on Skywatch Drive; arrest made.

4:17 a.m., report of damage to apartments’ mailboxes on Ben-Ali Drive.

5:44 a.m., caller is reporting a maroon pickup truck is parked near trees behind the house on Baughman Avenue and caller believes they are trying to hid the vehicle.

6:52 a.m., a break-in occurred within the last three days on Lancaster Road.

8:25 a.m., caller on Springhill Road is reporting a stolen firearm; suspect has fled in a red vehicle; there is also a missing hunting knife.

10:21 a.m., a verbal and physical altercation has occurred at McIntyre Circle residence.

12:38 p.m., caller from Walnut Street is reporting that their mother has put them out of the residence without anywhere for them to go.

12:48 p.m., several parents are yelling and causing a disturbance on the football field at Boyle County High School; sheriff’s officer is on scene out of uniform and is trying to handle the situation.

1:03 p.m., female on Medlock Road in Gravel Switch is hysterical and confused; she advised she had been in the woods since Thursday and her husband is now missing; 2:25 p.m., two vehicles have been located on a farm on Curtis Road; house is clear; arrest made.

1:38 p.m., a 28-year-old male may have drank bleach water.

2:32 p.m., neighbor dispute is in progress on Seminole Trail.

3:06 p.m., sheriff’s office is requesting Danville police be on the lookout for a large white vane that may be involved in burglaries; it is leaking axle grease.

3:23 p.m., adult male shoplifter at Walmart; arrest made.

4:59 p.m., a physical domestic altercation occurred in a truck with three people and a child; officer found out it was a family issue.

5:19 p.m., extra patrol is requested at Millennium Park bathrooms near the ball field due to possible inappropriate acts.

5:33 p.m., verbal altercation with possible property damage at Albany Circle residence; trouble settled.

5:41 p.m., caller is requesting to check on a male at Jackson Park with cigarette burns on his face who keeps getting on his knees saying, “Help me God.” There is also another male with him on a bike; arrest made.

6:38 p.m., verbal altercation at Albany Circle; arrest made.

7:53 p.m., female at Walmart believes her wallet was just now stolen.

8:09 p.m., vehicle stop on the bypass; arrest made.

11:20 p.m., possible intoxicated driver at U.S. 27 and Mt. Hebron Road; it was an elderly driver.

11:29 p.m., vehicle stop on Hustonville Road; arrest made.

11:35 p.m., female is requesting officers check on the welfare of two doctors at their office; both are armed with handguns; female sounds confused.

11:47 p.m., caller hears possible physical altercation at the campground; it was a boxing match on TV.


1:22 a.m., complaint of loud music and party on Beech Street.

5:15 a.m., report of a reckless driver in a white vehicle; caller is a passenger in the vehicle and driver is refusing to stop; heading south on U.S. 127; referred to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

6:15 a.m., caller is reporting a vehicle full of juveniles and driver doesn’t have a license; caller is attempt to contact the parents; caller’s granddaughter snuck out of the house and took his vehicle; 7:04 a.m. officer has contacted one of the juvenile’s mother.

10:06 a.m., windows have been broken out of a vehicle on South Lucas Street; unknown if a theft occurred.

12:40 p.m., Lawrenceburg police is in pursuit of a vehicle heading south on U.S. 127; vehicle was stopped before entering Boyle County.

12:46 p.m., report of theft of a vehicle from towing business; per video, the registered owner came and took the vehicle without the business’s permission; officer going to residence to speak to the owner.

12:58 p.m., caller from Stoney Point road wants to speak to an officer about neighbor who is intoxicated and is throwing trash onto the caller’s property.

2:33 p.m., officer serving papers to a male on Skywatch Drive; arrest made.

3:19 p.m., vehicle stop on U.S. 127; arrest  made.

4:50 p.m., a snake is by an apartment window at Meadowrun Run Apartments; assistance given.

4:57 p.m., caller is reporting a reckless driver in a teal car on teh bypass; additional call about the vehicle now at the Lebanon Road and bypass but the driver looks slumped over the wheel; two additional calls about the driver who appears to be under the influence; Mercer County notified.

6:27 p.m., a physical domestic altercation just occurred in a room at the emergency room; male is now sitting with security officers in their office.

8:15 p.m., vehicle stop on East Main Street; arrest made.

10:37 p.m., motorcycle injury accident on Forkland Road; the driver is en route to a hospital in a private vehicle and the tow truck is standing by with the motorcycle.