Be afraid of Donald Trump

Published 3:38 pm Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dear editor,

To anyone who has a fear of Donald Trump: be afraid! The country you know as the United States today is going to change in my, and your time! America is finally changing, in a positive direction!

If you remember eight years ago, the first black president, promised to change America.  I realize many like to say, “It wasn’t his fault, he INHERITED a mess, and he did change America.” Yes he did, and he made it a whole lot messier. But he wasn’t the only one; Congress helped. When he wrote executive orders leaving our borders wide open, he was praised by many. Yep, and they are the ones who want to travel to Europe without needing a passport. I think this is referred to as “One World;” governed by whom, George Soros?

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President Trump, whether you like him or not, has already done a lot to make America great again MAGA! Why are many of you afraid of Donald Trump?  

In the last century a lot of Americans were hoping we could achieve Paradise we were so free, and wealthy! Many here thought our greatness, and wealth, could do the job. But some didn’t.

Them who didn’t think we were great got together, started working to bring America down in morals and ethics, and finally succeeded in getting a man in office whom they thought would relieve “stupid American voters” of this “delusion of greatness.”  

In conclusion, them who thought America was great were on the right track. Them who were deluded are they who voted for Obama and Clinton. She lost, get over it!

Jeffrey L. King