Recently released book profiles friendship of Centre grads 

Published 8:27 am Monday, October 16, 2017

A book has been released about seven girls who attended Centre College together in the ’60s.  “1964 All Over Again: Centre Girls Reunite” was written by Greg and Lindy Boeck about the friendship of Lindy, Jo, Leslie, Carol, Pam, Judy and Libby as it began when they first met as Centre College students. They all came from extremely similar backgrounds — complete with small towns, close-knit communities and Sunday church services — it is no wonder these women find comfort in each other while attending the small college.

At Centre in the 1960s, they find themselves in the midst of an era of racial unrest, drugs and “hippies,” and the Vietnam War raging all around them. But the women were insulated on their small campus.

Two years later, they part ways with promises of eternal friendship. Life eventually gets in the way, however, as each moves on to marriage and motherhood — with 40 years passing in the blink of an eye.

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It ultimately takes a diagnosis of terminal cancer to bring them back together, sparking a renewal of love and solidarity that burns brighter than ever — and reminds readers of the power of true friendship.

Author Lindy Boeck is a former reading specialist who has written multiple personal memoirs and histories of her family, and author Greg Boeck worked as a sports journalist for 37 years, the last 17 of which were spent with USA Today. He now teaches sports journalism at Arizona State University.

Married since 1968, Greg and Lindy previously collaborated on “Letters from Stuttgart.”

The book is sold on Amazon for $11.95 for paperback and $9.95 for Kindle, and is also carried as both the Boyle County and Mercer County public libraries. 


Authors Lindy and Greg Boeck, as well as the rest of the women written about in “1964 All Over Again: Centre Girls Reunite” will be signing book copies 9:30-11:30 a.m. Oct. 21 at Norton Center for the Arts on Centre College’s campus, during homecoming weekend.